English Model Test for PEC 2014

                                            3rd English Model Test for PEC 2014                                                              

Time: 2:30 hours                                                                    Full Marks:  100


Read the text (EFT-Based) and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3:

The next day, when he opened his eyes, he was unable to move. Half of his body was under the mud. Somehow he managed to stand up. He got back home. He saw his house completely ruined. He didn’t find his grandparents. His sister was missing too. Later their dead bodies were found with many others. He was shocked with grief and pain. Their village became a valley of death. After they buried the dead bodies,

people started working together. First they made the nearest school a shelter center. It was a hard job. All people worked hand in hand. They worked together with NGO people and people from the Government. They had a tough time. Days after days they had no safe drinking water and sufficient food. They had no safe place to sleep. People suffered from many diseases. After three years, still many people are in distress. People have rebuilt their houses, repaired roads and bridges and planted new trees. Some of the bushes and trees now have new leaves. Often Babul looks at the people and the village. He tells himself, ‘We have survived and we shall overcome in the coming days too.

1. Write only the answer on the answer paper.                                1×10=10

i) Babul was _____ to move.
(a) able (b) unable          (c) enable            (d) ability
ii. What happened to Nipa?
(a) She was alive       (b) She was dead    (c) She was weak    (d) She was injured
iii. What was completely ruined?
(a) His dream             (b) His field            (c) His shop            (d) His house
iv. Later ______ were found with many others.
(a) His father              (b) His mother       (c) their dead bodies   (d) His uncle
v. The village _____ the valley of death.
(a) become                  (b) becomes           (c) becoming               (d) became
vi. They made a _____ at their school field.
(a) Hospital       (b) market         (c) shelter center      (d) relief camp 
vii. Who did they work with?
(a) villagers              (b) family          (c) NGO                  (d) Army
viii. They needed a safe place to _____.
(a) play                     (b) cultivate       (c) sleep                   (d) run
ix. The people suffer from _____.
(a) many diseases     (b) modern facilities     (c) mosquitoes     (d) fever
x. What is the synonym of ‘ruined’?
(a) Survived              (b) Overcome   (c) Destroyed            (d) Built

2. Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B. Two extra meanings are given in Column B.    1×5=05

                   Column A            Column B
  1. manage
  2. mud
  3. grief
  4. safe
  5. suffer


  1. Answer the following questions.                                                      1+1+3=05

(a) Where did he get back the next day?
(b) Why did they make the shelter center in their school?
(c) Write three sentences explaining why Babul was shocked with grief and pain.

Read the text and answer the questions 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Sheikh Saadi was a great poet in Iran. He used to lead a very simple life. Once on his way for a night to the court of the king of Iran, he took shelter in a noble man’s house for a night. He was then in very simple dress. The noble man could not recognize him and the treatment he received offended him. But he did not say anything to him. The next day Sheikh Saadi went to the court of the king and was received with honor. He stayed there for a few days. He composed some beautiful poems and entertained the king and his courtiers. He received rich gifts from the king. He put on a very rich and ornamented dress. Thus he was returning to his village. On his way he again visited that noble man’s house. This time, the rich man was surprised to see Sheikh Saadi in a rich ornamental dress. He was delighted to see the change in Sheikh Saadi and treated him with the best of the foods and comfort.

 While eating, he was surprised to see the rich delicious foods and understood the rich man’s attitude. Sheikh Saadi then instead of eating the foods started putting them into the pockets of his rich cloth. This surprised the rich man, “Why are you putting the foods into the pockets of your dress?” said the rich man. “I am putting them into the pockets of my dress because these foods are meant for my dress, not for me,” said Saadi. The rich man realized his earlier folly and became ashamed.

  1. Write only the answer on the answer paper.                             1×10=10

(i) Sheikh Saadi used to lead a very _____ life.

a. complex    b. humble        c. gorgeous          d. attractive

(ii) The court of the king received him with great _____.

a. principle    b. pleasure         c. surprise           d. respect

(iii) He _____ there for a few days.

a. remained      b. worked            c. occupied        d. ran

(iv) He _____ some beautiful poems.

a. created     b. read                 c. recited            d. kept

(v) The word “delighted” is a/an _____.

a. noun  b. verb     c. adjective         d. adverb

(vi) “This surprised the rich man.” The sentence is written in ——— tense.

a. present indefinite    b. past indefinite   c. future indefinite  d. past perfect

(vii) “Why are you putting the foods into the pockets of your dress?” Which sentence is it?

a. assertive    b. imperative           c. interrogative         d. exclamatory

(viii) He was _____ to his village.

a. return b. returning              c. returned                d. returns

(ix) The rich man could _____ his earlier folly.

a. realized b. realize                  c. realizing                 d. not realize

(x) The story is a ———-.

a. fable       b. short story        c. ghost story     d. comedy

5. Fill in the blanks with the given words from the box.                         1×5=05


identify dress astonished became eat surprised

(a) Sheikh Saadi used to _____ simple clothing.

(b) The noble man could not _____ him for his normal dress.

(c) While eating, he was _____ to see the rich delicious foods.

(d) Finally, the rich man _____ ashamed.

(e) He was ______ to see the rich delicious foods.

6. Answer the following questions in sentence(s).     1+1+2+3+3=10

a. Who was Sheikh Saadi?

b. Where did he go one day?

c. Why did the king invite him?

d. When did the rich man serve him delicious food items?

e. What did the rich man finally realize?

  1. Suppose, you are a student of class V, one of your class teachers told you a story about Sheikh Saadi. Now write a letter to your friend Nabil/Nabila, who lives in 35, Agrabad, Chittagong, about the main theme of the story.                                                   10
  2. Rearrange the given five sentences in correct order to make a meaningful story.                                                     2×5=10

The tortoise had reached the finishing line before he could do so. But it was too late. When he woke up at last, he looked around and saw in surprise that the tortoise was near the finishing line. He ran as fast as he could. The hare slept longer than he thought he would.

  1. Rewrite the sentence (s) using punctuation and capital letters where necessary.                                               2×5=10

saikat lives with his parents in an apartment in bogra his father mr islam is a banker in his free timei mr islam writes stories he loves listening to music of old times too saikat’s mother maleka begum a housewife loves sewing in her free time

10 Arrange and rewrite the following words so that they make sense. 1×5=05

a. our, often, come, time, free, here, we, in.

b. must, you, regularly, them, eat.

c. message, reads, his, Rosie.

d. have, you, do, any, class, now?

e. Bangladesh, is, it, only, the, island, coral, in.

11. Write a composition about “Your Home Town”. You have to follow the clues. a. What is the name of your home town? b. Where is it situated? c. How was it named? d. Who are the famous personalities? e. What are there in and outside of this village?       10

12. Suppose, you are a new comer of an area. You do not know anything of it. Now you need help to know surroundings. Ask a passerby or a traffic police to help you knowing the way of nearest library.                                         05

13. Suppose, you are going to get admitted in a new school and you have collected the admission form from the school. Now fill the form out with information of yourself.                                                                 05


                                                             Ideal School and College               

                                                                121, Motizheel, Dhaka


  1. Name :
  2. Date of Birth :
  3. Father’s name :
  4. Mother’s name :
  5. Present address :
  6. Permanent address :
  7. Previous School :
  8. Class :
  9. Hobbies :
  10. Religion :