English First Paper Suggestion for SSC 2015

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion – 2015


1. Einstein was very simple …….. I have greatly enjoyed the walk.

2. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in New Work, Buckingham Palace ……. Visit the tower annually.

3. Nipa often feels extremely annoyed to walk in the over bridge of Dhaka ……. over flow of rootless people in the cities.

4. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is over 29000 feet ….. the honor of world hero.

5. English is used as common language …….. to visit or to stay in any county of the world.

6. Most of our students cannot write out ……… clear English is not bad.

7. Helen Keller was born …… ‘The World I Live In’ in 1908.

8. In 1912, an American Shipping ….. tragedy in the world.

9. Bangladesh is called a country of rivers ……. shameful for us.

10. Alexander Fleming ….. London 1955.

11. Zainul Abedin

12. Mother Teresa

13. Dowry is a claim ….. against humanity.

14. Bangladesh entered …… types of vehicles.

15. Florence Nightingale

16. Change is the life ……. of the world.

17. Facebook is ….. into a curse.

18. Punctuality means ….. the modern world.


a. Load Shedding

b. Floral Career

c. Environment Pollution

d. Your Visit to a Historical Place

e. Deforestation

f. Air Pollution

g. A Tea Stall

h. A Good Citizen

i. Street Accident

j. Our National Flag

Letter Writing:

a. Your intention after SSC Exam

b. The importance of reading newspaper

c. The importance of physical exercise

d. Annual prize giving ceremony of your school.

e. Bad effects of smoking

f. Congratulation on your friend’s brilliant result

g. Description about Bangladesh and her people

h. Description of the sports day of your school

i. Invitation on your birthday party/the marriage ceremony of your elder brother/sister

j. Giving advice about how to adjust with new place and new food.

Completing Story

a. The wisdom of King Solomon

b. Reshma

c. Seikh Shadi and his simplicity

d. Slow and steady wins the race

e. Who’ll bell the cat

f. An honest wood cutter/honesty is the best policy

g. Dividing the bread between two rats/cats

h. The intelligence of a cow boy

i. Devotion to mother

j. Where there is a will, there is a way

k. The lion and the mouse

l. Greed brings in disaster

m. Grasp all, lose all

Graphs and Charts

a. Population Growth

b. Literacy Rate

c. Changing Trends of young/elderly people

d. Phone Users

e. Internet Users

f. People Living Below Poverty

g. Time Allocation of a Student’s Daily Activity

h. Main Products of a Particular Region

i. ILO

j. Month Wise Attendance of a Student

Dialogue Writing:

a. The importance of learning English

b. The uses and abuses of mobile phone

c. The importance of tree plantation

d. The importance of proper use of time

e. How to write a good dialogue

f. The bad effect of smoking

g. The importance of physical exercise

h. The importance of reading newspaper

i. About traffic jam in Dhaka city

j. Uses and abuses of Facebook

(Collected from Wills Little Flower School and College, Dhaka)