English First Paper Model Test for JSC 2016

                         English First Paper Model Test for JSC

Full Marks: 100                                                           Time: 2:30 Hours

                               Reading Text (Seen Passage)

  1. Read the following passage and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3

Health is the condition of our body and mind. It may be good or bad. Good health means healthy body free from diseases. It is essential for everyone to lead a happy life. If we are not in good health, we cannot concentrate on any activity in our life. A proverb goes, ‘Health is Wealth’ It means health is equally valuable as gold or any other personal possessions. We may have vast wealth and property, but if we are not healthy we cannot enjoy them. To keep ourselves healthy, we have to do certain things. We have to eat a balanced diet. We must exercise regularly to keep our body fit for work.

There is an old saying: ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.’ So we must not keep late hours. We should go to bed early at night and rise early in the morning. Peace of mind is another condition for good health. So we must not worry over small things of life.


1. Guess the meaning of the following words and choose the correct meaning closest to the text. 1×5=5

a) condition

i) estate ii) position iii) circumstance   iv) state

b) essential

i) rare ii) avoidance iii) uncommon        iv) necessary

c) concentrate

i) avoid ii) to pay attention iii) annual     iv) regular

d) valuable

i) meaningful ii) demand iii) precious        iv) worthy

e) fit

i) healthy ii) capacity iii) competent    iv) capable

2. Answer the following questions. 2×5=10

a) What does good health mean?

b) When can’t we give concentration on any activity in our life?

c) What should we do to keep our body fit for work?

d) What does the phrase ‘to keep late hours’ mean?

e) What we must not worry about?

3. Summarize the text in section A in your own words (around 85 words) 10

   Read the following text carefully and answer questions 4 and 5

Florence Nightingale did not like easy and pleasant occupations of society; instead of going our parties, she visited London hospitals and studied how sick people were nursed back to health and strength. In those days, hospital nurses were very ignorant and she was shocked by the roughness and mismanagement that prevailed in those hospitals. So, she went to Germany and studied nursing there and then she went to Paris. At last, when she was quite certain, she had mastered her subject. She returned to England and began her work of improving the nursing in the hospitals. While she was engaged at this work, a war broke out in Crimea between Russia and England. At first, people thought only of the glory of the battle and the courage of the soldiers who went singing to their death. But soon other stories came to England, dreadful stories of the wounded being left to die. England was shocked by these things and everybody cried out that something heroic must be done to stop the sufferings of the brave soldiers. That was done by Florence Nightingale. She went to Crimea with less than forty nurses and in a few months she had succeeded in transforming the nursing of the solders.


  1. Complete the following table with the information given in the passage. 1×5=5
Name/who Event/Activity What/Where
Florence Nightingale disliked (i) ———–
 She (ii) ——- hard tasks
She visited (iii) ———-
She (iv) ——– Germany and Paris
She returned (v) ———-

5. Read the passage again and write True or False beside the following statement. 1×5=5

a) After studied nursing, Florence Nightingale went to Germany.

b) She went to Crimea with less than forty nurses.

c) She returned to England.

d) A war broke out in Crimea between Russia and France.

e) Hospital nurses were very skilled.

6. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word. 1×5=5

Trees are our best (a) —–. They are a great (b) —– of food and vitamins, shelter and oxygen. They make the (c) —– fertile. Trees make the (d) —– strong. Trees save us from (e) —– and many natural calamities.

7. Rearrange the following sentences in correct order. 10

a) He wanted to teach him a good lesson.

b) So one day he painted the word ‘dumb’ on a board.

c) So he thought how he could add to his income.

d) He could not earn much by begging.

e) Once there lived a beggar in a city.

f) One day an idea crossed of him.

g) He was very jealous of him.

h) Another beggar also lived in the city.

i) He hung it round his neck.

J) He thought that he would have more money if he pretended to be dumb.

8. Fill in the gaps using clues from the boxes. There are more words than necessary. 0.5×10=5

long rule regularly a playing for
sound in them proper build time

We can keep (a) —- good health if we play (b) —-. If the body is (c) —-, the mind also remains sound. We should bear in mind that it is (d) —- very good (e) —- to read while it is time (f) —- reading and play while it is time for (g) —-. Good children do not play all day (h) —-. They sit to read while it is (i) —-  for reading. This is why everybody likes (j) —- .

9. The phrases in column A are the beginnings of some sentences. The phrases in column B are the endings. Match the phrases in column A with the phrases in column B to make complete sentences. 1×5=5

Column A Column B
a) Deforestation means i) rising rapidly.
b) The effects of deforestation are ii) carbon dioxide is increasing worldwide.
c) Due to deforestation iii) serious damage to the soil.
d) The sea level is iv) too many to describe.
e) It also causes v) cutting down of trees in large number.


Section B (Writing) 

10. Write a dialogue between you and your friend about “The importance of learning English”   08

11. Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “A School Magazine” You should write about 250 words.                          12

a) What is school magazine? b) When is it published? c) Who work to publish the magazine? d) How does it influence the new writers? e) What are the benefits of school magazine?

12. Read the beginning of the story. Write new ten sentences to complete the story. Give a title of it.  10

From the very boyhood Bayazid was very helpful to his mother. He was also very obedient. An interesting event took place one night. He was studying. —————————-

13. Suppose your friend has become a great smoker. You know smoking is a bad habit. It causes many dangerous diseases. Now write a letter to your friend describing the bad effects of smoking.                                                                          10



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