English First Paper Model Test for JSC 2014

                        JSC English First Paper Model Test  

 Full Marks: 100                                                                                             Time: 2:30 Hours  

                                                                     Section – A (Reading)

                                                                   Reading Test (Seen Passage)

 Read the text and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3: 

Thousands of years ago, the first pearl was probably discovered while human beings were searching for food at the sea shore. Throughout history the pearl with its shine has been one of the most highly valued gems. Pearls have been mentioned many times in religious texts and mythologies from the earliest times. The ancient Egyptians valued pearls so much that they were buried with them. It is said that, the famous queen of Egypt Cleopatra would dissolve a pearl in a glass and drink it as a sign of love and respect for the entire nation. The Greeks thought the pearls as a sign of wealth and social position. The beauty of pearls was associated with love and marriage. In ancient Rome, pearls were considered the greatest sign of wealth and social status. At that time the young women of noble families loved to wear beautiful pearl necklaces. The brave knights used to wear them in the battles for good luck.


1. Guess the meaning of the following words and choose the correct meaning closest to the text:         1×5=05


i. Status

a. ravishing              b. depression       c. exertion         d. position 

ii. Association

a. business             b. pattern              c. Organization d. construction 

iii. Value

a. image                  b. construct          c. currency        d. validity 

iv. Dissolve

a. soften                 b. separate           c. break             d. absolve

v. Beauty 

a. smart            b. attractiveness  c. gorgeous        d. natural

2. Answer the following questions:                                                                                                   2×5=10

a. How did people discover the pearls?

b. Why is pearl one of the most valuable gems?

c. How did the Egyptians value it?

d. Why did Cleopatra dissolve the pearls?

e. Why were pearls considered as the greatest sign of social status?

3. Summaries the text in section A in your own words (around 85 words)                                                  10

 Read the text and answer the questions 4 and 5:

William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) was born at Stratford-upon-Avon in a house in Henley Street. This is preserved intact. His mother, Mary Arden, was one of the daughters of Robert Arden, a yeoman farmer of Wilmore: his father, John Shakespeare, was a Glover and wool dealer of good standing who held the office of Bailiff of the Borough in 1568. From the age of seven to about 14, he attended Stratford Grammar School receiving an excellent well-rounded education. At the age of 18 Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, who was seven years his senior and three months pregnant. She was of ‘yeoman’ stock – her family owned a farm one mile west of Stratford in Shottery. He endured her until he could stand it no longer and fled to London to become an actor. He then became actor-manager and part-owner in the Black friars and afterwards the Globe Theatres. Shakespeare’s acting career was spent with the Lord Chamberlain’s Company, where he was a first-rate actor. The company was renamed the King’s Company in 1603 when James succeeded to the throne. Among the actors in the group was the famous Richard Burbage. The partnership acquired interests in two theatres in the Southward area of London, near the banks of the Thames – the Globe and the Black friars. Shakespeare returned to Stratford for his later years where he died at the age of 52 and now lies at rest in his special grave at Holy Trinity Church.

4. Complete the following table with the information given in the passage.                                                           1×5=5


Who/ what Event/ activity Where/whom When
William Shakespeare lived with his family Stratford (i) ———-
He married (ii) ——– 1582
He (iii) ——– 1592
He died (iv) ——– 1616
He returned Stratford


5. Read the passage again and write True or False. If false, give the correct information.                       1×5=5

a. William Shakespeare was born in 15th century.

b. His grandfather Robert Arden was a sharecropper.

c. Anne Hathaway was seven years inferior to him.

d. William Shakespeare was the predecessor of sonnet.

e. He is worldly famous for his literary wok.

6. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word.                                                                                                     1×5=5

While eating food we have to (a) _____ that we should not eat just to (b) _____ hunger. We have to keep good health. For better health we need good food. Sometimes it so happens that people (c) _____ live even in the midst of plenty, do not eat the (d) _____ they need for a good health as they have no idea about health and nutrition. It happens only for (e) _____.

7. Rearrange the following sentences in correct order.                                                                              1×10=10


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

a) Dickens had to work in a factory at the age of twelve.

b) He could not go to school and receive education.

c) Even during his life time he was very popular.

d) He wrote some of the best novels in English literature.

e) Charles Dickens was one of the greatest English novelists of the 19th century.

f) Dickens died on June 9, 1870.

g) When he was a small boy, his father was sent to prison for debt.

h) He was born on February 7, 1812.

i) He became well-known as a writer when he was only twenty-five.

j) He never forgot the hard experiences of his boyhood.


  1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word from the box.                                                                           0.5×10=5
without need continue develop only
without help essential get want


Foreign aid is (a) — for our economy. (b) — foreign aid we can’t progress. We can’t(c) — our developmental programs (d)—financial (e) — from other developed countries. Sometimes we (f) — sufficient assistance. But sometimes we (g) — nothing. But that is not the (h) — problem . The main  problem is that the donor countries impose conditions that must be fulfilled. If we (i) — to receive their help. And Alas! if we follow their suggestion then we can’t (j) — very much.


9. The phrases in column A are the beginnings of some sentences. The phrases in column B are the endings. Match the phrases in column A with the phrases in column B to make complete sentence.                                                             1×5=05


                           Column A                       Column B
a. There is difference i. message and information.
b. Modern news deals with ii. because it can mislead the people.
c. News means iii. news and event.
d. News should not be false iv. news from all sides.
e. So it means v. a wide range of subjects.


10.  Suppose, you are Joy/Joya and your friend is Nabil/Nabila. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend about “How to improve in English?”                                                                                                                                                                      10

11. Write a paragraph on “Environment Pollution” in about 150 words answering the following questions.         10

a. What is environment pollution?

b. Why does it happen?

c. What are the bad effects of environment pollution?

d. Who are responsible for it?

e. How to remove the problem from our society?

12. Read the beginning of the story. Now complete it in bout 150 words.                                                                10

One hot day a fox was walking through a field by a bush. He was very hungry and was searching for something to eat. After a long walk he came to a vineyard. The vines in it ………………..

13. Write a letter to your friend describing him the bad effects of smoking.                                                            10