English First Paper Model Test for HSC 2018

                            HSC Model Test – 2017, English 1st Paper (1)

Time: 90 Minutes                                                                  Full Marks: 60

                                                   Part-A: Marks-60

Read the passage below and answer the following questions 1 and 2.

Universities should never be made into mechanical organizations for collecting and distributing knowledge. Through them the people should offer their intellectual hospitality, their wealth of mind to others, and earn their proud right in return to receive gifts from the rest of the world. But in the whole length and breadth of India there is not a single University established in the modern time where a foreign or an Indian student can properly be acquainted with the best products of the Indian mind. For that we have to cross the sea, and knock at the doors of France and Germany. Educational institutions in our country are India’s alms-bowl of knowledge; they lower our intellectual self-respect; they encourage us to make a foolish display of decorations composed of borrowed feathers . . .

Man’s intellect has a natural pride in its own aristocracy, which is the pride of its culture. Culture only acknowledges the excellence whose criticism is in its inner perfection, not in any external success. When this pride succumbs to some compulsion of necessity or lure of material advantage, it brings humiliation to the intellectual man. Modern India, through her very education, has been made to suffer this humiliation. Once she herself provided her children with a culture which was the product of her own ages of thought and creation. But it has been thrust aside, and we are made to tread the mill of passing examinations, not for learning anything, but for notifying that we are qualified for employments under organizations conducted in English. Our educated community is not a cultured community, but a community of qualified candidates. Meanwhile the proportion of possible employments to the number of claimants has gradually been growing narrower, and the consequent disaffection has been widespread. At last the very authorities who are responsible for this are blaming their victims. Such is the perversity of human nature. It bears its worst grudge against those it has injured . . . .

1.  A. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives. 1´5=5       


(a) The word ‘perversity’ can be replaced by-

               (i) Normal behavior          (ii) distortion

(iii) satisfaction                 (iv) Pleasure

 (b) The best synonym of the world ‘acquainted’ is –

(i) unknown                      (ii) familiar

(iii) acquired                      (iv) attained

(c) ‘Humiliation’ in line 13 can be replaced by-

(i) honour                           (ii) humidity

(iii) degradation                 (iv) attraction

(d) Man has a natural pride in its own-

(i) respect                           (ii) aristocracy

(iii) criticism                      (iv) aspect

(e) The word ‘aristocracy’ stands for

(i) lower class                     (ii) stupidity

(iii) ugliness                        (iv) upper class

B. Answer the following questions. 2´5=10

(a) What do educational institutions do?

(b) What does man’s intellect have?

(c) “Our educated community is not a cultured community, but a

community of qualified candidates.” Explain the statement in 2/3 sentence.

(d) What does culture acknowledge?

(e) Whom do the authorities blame?

3. Read the following text and make a flow chart showing the

characteristics of Bangladeshi folk songs. (One is done for you) 1×5=05    

Folk songs may be sung individually or in chorus. Folk songs sung

individually include Baul, Bhatiyali, Murshidi and Marfati, while songs

sung in chorus include Kabigan, Leto, Alkap and Gambhira. Some songs

are regional in character, but others are common to both Bangladesh and

West Bengal. Similarly, some songs belong distinctively to one religious

community, Hindu or Muslim; others cross religious boundaries. Some

songs belong exclusively to men, others to women, while some are sung by

both men and women. Thus only women compose and sing Bratagan and

Meyeli Git, but both men and women participate in the ‘roof-beating’ songs

that are sung while beating down and firming rooftops.


1. Influenced by the cultural and the lifestyle of different tribes   2  3   4  5  6

4. Write a summary of the following text. 10

The streets are now my home. Sometimes I find work. I used to collect trash and sell it to a vendor. I stopped doing that after I had a serious infection and a doctor told me to stay away from the trash dump. Once I worked for an ice cream stop owner and sold ice cream on the beach. But I got no money in return. The owner of the shop gave me something to eat, and let me sleep in his but at night. The work was difficult and painful. The ice cream box is quite heavy when it is full. I had to walk for hours, offering my ice cream to whoever wanted to buy. There were days when I could not even sell one ice cream.

In a way, I am lucky because I am alive. My friends who work sorting rubbish in dump often suffer from serious diseases. One of them was recently killed after he fell into a hole that opened up in the pile of trash. Many of us work for 10 to 12 hours, and get so little in return that we can’t even buy food.

5. Read the following text and fill in the blanks with suitable word from the box. There are more words than needed. Make any grammatical change if necessary.  1×10=10  

trained about perform essential
great abacus device special
recent large refers called

The computer is a fairly (a) —– invention. It has now became an (b) —– part of modern life. It has greatly benefited us and brought (c) —– revolutionary changes in our life. Any (d) —– that helps people perform mathematical calculation may be (e) —– a computer. In this sense the (f) —– is a simple computer. Today, however, the term ‘computer’ (g) —– to special kind of electronic machine that can perform mathematical calculations and process (h) —– masses of information at a (i) —– speed. In a few minutes a computer can perform calculation that (j) —– mathematicians would need years to computer.                        

6. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word in each gap. 1×10=10

 Migration refers to the movement of person who change his/her place of residence for a period of six months or more except for marriage in which case the time period for the migration is not fixed. Migration that takes place within the (a) —– is referred as internal migration. (b) —– is an important component which influences  (c) —– and redistribution of population and resource (d) —— the socio-economic development and the palming (e) —–. The analysis of data on migration (f) —– a vital role. Migration occurs in (g) —– ways. In the scenario of permanent (h) —– the migrant leaves the place of (i) —– forever stay in the place (j) —– destination.

7. Rearrange the following sentences to make coherent order.           1×10=10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

a) Sa’di replied, “My dress deserves this food.”

b) He set out for the emperor’s palace in ordinary dress.

c) On the way, he took shelter in a courtier’s house but the courtier and his men did not show much honour and hospitality to him.

d) The courtier understood his fault and begged the poet’s pardon.

e) Once he was invited to the emperor’s palace.

f) On his way back home, Sa’di again took shelter in the same courtier’s house putting on gorgeous dress.

g) The courtier received him cordially and entertained him with rich and delicious foods.

h) Sheikh Sa’di great Persian poet was simple in his way of life.

i) Now, Sa’di began to put his food in the pockets of his dress.

j) Being surprised, they asked, “Why are you putting in your dress?”


                          Conducted by:

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