English Final Model Test for PEC 2016

                               PEC English Final Model Test 2016

Full Marks: 100                                                           Time: 2:30 Hours

Read the passage and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4.

A long time ago, when Raju was in class five, there was a fire in his school. Everyone was very afraid, but no one panicked. The teachers helped the students to leave the building quietly and safely. Soon the firefighters came and put out the fire. Raju watched the firefighters from his school yard. He thought about the fire and the firefighters for a long time. After college, Raju joined a volunteer fire department. As a volunteer, he did not get any money for his work. But Raju did not mind. Now Raju is a full time firefighter. It is his job, so he earns money for it. Most of the time his work is putting out fires but he also teaches new firefighters about safety. He likes teaching very much. In his free time, Raju visits schools. He talks to students about fire safety. He tells them what to do if there is a fire. They shouldn’t panic. They should listen to their teachers and leave building quietly.

1. Choose the best answer. 1×10=10

a) An accident happened when Raju was a ——.

i) fire fighter  ii) class V student   iii) young man   iv) college student

b) What is the past form of ‘Leave’?

i) leaved  ii) left   iii) leave  iv) lift

c) ——– came to put out the fire.

i) teachers ii) students iii) volunteers   iv) fire-fighters

d) No one —— panicked.

i) become ii) got  iii) had    iv) were

e) The main work of Raju is —— out the fire.

i) putting ii) put    iii) will   iv) putted

f) If there is a fire, we should not get ——.

i) nervous  ii) panicked     iii) afraid    iv) careful

g) The base form of ‘began’ is ——–.

i) begun ii) begin       iii) begins     iv) beginning

h) The base form of ‘thought’ is ——–.

i) think ii) thinking    iii) thought   iv) thinks

i) The students were helped to ——- the building quietly and safely.

i) leaves ii) left     iii) leaving     iv) leave

j) The word ‘Safety’ is a/an ———.

i) noun ii) adjective   iii) verb   iv) adverb

2. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in column B. 1×5=05


         Column A      Column B
a) Firefighter i) the state of being protected from danger.
b) Quietly ii) someone who does a work willingly.
c) Panic iii) to realize.
d) Volunteer iv) a person whose job is to put out fires.
e) Safety v) sickness.
vi) without making any noise.
vii) frightened or scared.

3. Answer the following questions 2×5=10

a) What is Raju? b) Who came to put out the fire? c) What will you do if there is a fire at your school?  d) What are the most important qualities of a firefighter? e) What does Raju do in his free time?

4. Write a short composition about “A Fire You Have Witnessed” in five sentences answering the following questions. 10

a) Where was the fire? b) Who put out the fire? c) What did they do? d) How was the fire put out at last? e) What did you do then?

Read the text and answer the questions 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9  

Time is the most valuable thing in man’s life. Life is nothing but a period of time. So, to make the best use of time is to make the best use of life. Time is more valuable than wealth. With the help of food and medicine, we can regain lost health and wealth by labor or trade. But we can never get back the lost time. Time once gone is gone forever. Time always passes and passes forever. It can never be called back with any sacrifice. Success of life depends on the right use of time. Those who waste time for nothing can never prosper in life. So, everyone should be careful to do his duty.

5. Write only the answer on the answer sheet: 1×10=10

i) What is life?

a) minute b) moment c) period of time  d) moments

ii) What is the most valuable thing?

a) diamond b) gold    c) time    d) money

iii) Time is ——-.

a) proper b) peculiar c) important  d) estimate

iv) What does time do?

a) waits b) wastes c) passes  iv) advances

v) What is less valuable than time?

a) wealth b) life c) health  d) position

vi) Upon which does a man’s success depend?

a) labor b) working c) the proper utilization of time  d) industry

vii) How should everyone be to their duty?

a) careful b) ready c) alert   d) prepared

viii) What does the wasting of time do?

a) invites b) brings c) produces no result d) vain

ix) Time is more valuable than wealth. Here ‘wealth’ is a/an —–.

a) noun b) adjective c) verb d) adverb

x) Duty means ——–.

a) license b) obligation c) unity  d) kindness

6. Fill in the blanks with the given words. 1×5=05

regained sacrificing use wealth depends wait on careful

a) Time is more valuable than ——. b) It always passes on and —–. c) The lost time can never be —— and called back by. d) To —– time means to use life as it is full of period. e) Man’s success ——- on the right use of time.

7. Answer the following questions        2×5=10

a) Why is time the most valuable thing? b) On what does success of people depend? c) What happens to the time killers?  d) What is the relation between life and time?  e) Why is time more valuable than wealth?

8. Write a short composition about “The Value of Time” at least 5 sentences by answering the following questions in your composition.  


a) What is time? b) Why is time very important? c) How can a man be successful? d) What should we do?

9. Suppose, you are Joy/Joya, 33 Dhanmondi, Dhaka and your friend is Arian/Ariana, Feni, Noakhali. Now, Write a letter to your friend about the importance of the best use of time. Your letter should have a heading, greeting, body, closing and a signature/name. 10

10. Read the instructions about maintain a sound health, and then answer the following questions. (Competency based) 1+2+3=06

i) Get up early in the morning. ii) Take physical exercise. iii) Drink pure water. iv) Take a balance diet. v) Take adequate rest and sleep.

Question: a) What type of water should we drink?  b) Why do we need to take physical exercise? c) How can you maintain a sound health?

11. Write 5 sentences about your activities in the morning considering the following points. (Write the time in words in your writing.) 5

a) When do you get up? b) What do you do then and when? c) When do you start for school?

12. Re-write the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.                                                                                  5

a) was, day, great, it, a. b) friendly, are, teachers, always, that, her, she, thinks. c) Maria, day, but, see, realizes beautiful, cannot, the, spring.  d) sports, do, play, games, or, do, you, any? e) tired, man, the, is, old.

13. Suppose, you want to be a member of a computer club. Now fill up the form with information of yourself.  4

                                               Computer Club

Noakhali Zilla School

1. Name                : ——————

2. Date of birth     : ——————-

3. Father’s Name  : ——————-

4. Mother’s Name : ——————

5. Class                 : ——————

6. Home Address   : ——————



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