English 2nd Paper Suggestion for HSC 2019

Formal Letter

a) Permission to go on a study tour

b) Not to allow any student to use cell phone in the class or exam hall

c) Setting up a Computer Club

d) Setting up a Debate Club

e) Seat in a College Hostel

f) Multimedia Facilities in the class room

g) Common Room / Library Facilities

h) Relief for the Flood Affected People

i) Setting up a Canteen

Report Writing

a) Price Hike

b) Food Adulteration

c) Drug Addiction

d) Causes of Failure in English

e) Road Accident

f) Traffic Jam

g) Earthquake

h) Prize Giving Ceremony of Your College

i) Eve Teasing

j) A Book Fair/Ekushe Boi Mela



a) Female Education in Bangladesh

b) Your First Day at College

c) Student and Social Service

d) Wonders of Modern Science

e) Satellite Channels

f) Benefits of Reading Newspaper

g) Population: A Prospect or a Problem

h) Deforestation

i) Tree Plantation

j) Climate Change

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