English 2nd Paper Model Test for HSC 2019

HSC Model Test – 2018 (1), English 2nd Paper

Full Marks: 100                                                                                                       Time: 3 Hours                                                           

Part A: Grammar (Marks 60)

1. Fill in the blanks in the following text with articles as necessary. Some of the blanks may not require an article. Put a cross (×) in those blanks.                               0.5×10=5

Truthfulness is (a) —– greatest of all (b) —– virtues which make (c) —– person really great. If we do not cultivate (d) —– habit of speaking (e) —– truth, we cannot command (f) —– trust of others. (g) —– man whom nobody believes  can never be famous in (h) —– life. We may be successful once or twice by telling (i) —– lie but it never about (j) —– good result.

2. Complete the text with suitable prepositions: 0.5×10=5

We got our freedom (a) —– the sacrifice of hundreds and thousands (b) —– lives. The patriots (c) —– our land fought (d) —– the oppression of the West Pakistan rulers. Finally, the oppressors were bound (e) —– surrender (f) —– our freedom fighters. But a great number (g) —– the sons of the land died (h) —– the war. Soon (i) —– the war, the government of Bangladesh founded the National Memorial (j) —– Savar.

3. Complete the sentences with suitable phrases/words given in the box 0.5×10=5

it is high time     in case     lest    as though    as long as
    unless would you mind    have to  used to no sooner had

a) There is a foul smell in the room. ——- opening the windows?

b) Tomorrow I will be very busy. So, I will say good bye now —– I don’t see you again.

c) We ——- educate all and work hard to develop our country.

d) Nobody likes Karim at all. He talks ——- he knew everything.

e) The poor will continue to suffer ——- they are illiterate.

f) He saw bear coming towards him. So, he climbed up a tree ——- the bear might attack him.

g) Nobody likes you here. ——- you left this place.

h) Everybody dislikes Rakib. He ——- do many harmful activities.

i) Time is very important in our life. You cannot prosper in life ——- you make proper use of time. j) The students were talking in the class. ——- the teacher entered the class than they stopped talking.

4. Complete the sentences using suitable clauses/phrases: 0.5×10=5

a) He cannot run his business. So, he should ———–.

b) Corruption is the main hindrance to development. It is high time ———.

c) He confessed that ———–. So, I forgave him.

d) I have to meet Raihan. Do you know ———–?

e) Our country is beset with many problems. We should come forward with a view to ———–.

f) My friend Jahid lived in Australia. It was 5 years since ———–.

g) The poor man came to me with a view to ———–.

h) Unity is strength. United we stand, ———–.

i) We find him playing cricket while ———–.

j) The box is very heavy. Are you strong enough ———–?

5. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context: 0.5×10=05

Air (a) ____ (be) an important element of the environment which is constantly being (b) ____ (pollute) in many ways. We make fire to cook food and (c) ____ (do) many works. This fire emits smoke which (d) ____ (contaminate) air. Vehicles pollute air to a great extent by (e) ____ (burn) fuel. Air pollution also (f) ____ (happen) when coal and oil (g) ____ (burn) mills and factories can be (h) ____ (hold) responsible for this pollution. It is high time we (i) ____ (check) air pollution. Otherwise, we (j) ____ (suffer) a lot.

6. Read the text and change the sentences as directed: 05

(a) Most of the people of our country are living in the rural area. (Complex) (b) They are more patriotic and industrious. (Positive)                                       (c) People called him wise Solomon. (Passive) (d) What a pity! (Assertive) (e) Unfortunately, they don’t get the due price of their products. (Compound)                                                                                                      

7. Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches. 05

“Follow my example,” she said as we shook hands, “and never eat more than one thing for luncheon” “I’ll do better than that,” I retorted. “I’ll eat nothing for dinner tonight”. “Humorist,” she cried gaily, jumping into a cab.

8. Identify the unclear pronoun references in the passage to make them clear: 05

Mandela left public life in June 2004 telling his adoring countrymen not to call them. Regarding it, Nadine Gordimer said, “He is at the epicenter of his time, our in South Africa and your, wherever you are.”

9. Read the following text and use modifiers as directed in the blanks speeches: 0.5×10=5              

A village doctor is a very (a) ___ (pre – modify the noun) person in the rural areas of Bangladesh. He is (b) ___ (pre-modify the verb) known as quack. A village doctor is not a (c) ___ (pre-modify the noun) doctor. He usually sits in a small dispensary (d) ___ (post-modify the verb). He treats the patients (e) ___ (use a participle phrase to post-modify the verb). A village doctor is not a (f) ___ (pre-modify the noun) man. His chamber is (g) ___ (pre -modify the verb) furnished. He cannot supply costly medicine to (h) ___ (pre-modify the noun) patients. In our country, the number of qualified doctors is (i) ____ (use an intensifier to pre-modify the adjective) few. So, a village doctor is a great friend to the (j) ___ (pre-modify the noun) villagers.

10. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank speeches of the following passage: 0.5×10=05

Trees are a vital part of our environment (a) —– they bear a great impact on the climate.  (b) —– we are not careful about them. (c) —–, we destroy trees at random (d) —–, one day the country will bear the consequence of greenhouse effect. (e) —– ours is an agricultural country, our economy depends on it. (f) —–, our agriculture is dependent on rain. (g) —– trees play a vital role on our climate. (h) —–, trees keep the soil strong. (i) —–, trees save us from flood (j) —– many other natural calamities.

11. Read the passage and write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below: 0.5×10=05

Sincerity is the root of success of all works. One can go a long if he does a job with sincerity. The great men are sincere because they know that sincerity is the key to success. Those who do not follow the rules of sincerity can never go a long way. Sincerity is the secret of victory. If any work is not done with sincerity, one will never receive desirable output from it. So, we should be sincere in every walk of life.

(a) success (antonym) (b) job (antonym) (c) great (antonym)  (d) because (synonym) (e) know (synonym) (f) follow (synonym) (g) rule (synonym) (h) never (antonym) (i) victory (synonym) (j) desirable (antonym)

12. There are ten errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Re-write the text correcting the errors.                        0.5×10=05

Entering the reading room my elder brother looked around and burst out in disgust how dirty you have made the room why do you use it if you can’t keep it tidy I said I am extremely sorry I have been a nuisance in future youll never see the room in such a bad condition I promise        

Part B : Composition (40 Marks)

13. Suppose, you are Rashid/Rashida and studying at XYZ college in Bogra. Now, on behalf of the students of your college, write an application to the Principal for staging a drama in the college auditorium.  8

14. Suppose, you are a reporter of a newspaper published from Dhaka. Now, you are asked to write a report on the devastating consequences of drug addiction in the context of Bangladesh. 8

15. Write a paragraph describing the facilities and lacking of our college library. Use 100- 150 words. 10 16. Write a composition on ‘Students and Social Service’. Write at least 200 words but don’t exceed 250 words.                                                             14


 Prepared by:

Mahbub Murad

Lecturer in English, Writer and Editor.

Examiner: Dhaka Examination Board



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