English 2nd Paper Model Test for HSC 2018

     English 2nd Paper Model Test for HSC 2018               


Part A: Grammar (Marks 60)

1.  Fill in the Blanks in the following text with articles (a/an/the) as necessary. Some of the blanks may not require any article. Put a (×) in those blanks.     0.5×10=05            Mosquito menace is one of (a) _____ most talked topics. (b) _____ fear and nuisance of mosquito is called (c) _____ mosquito menace. For (d) _____city dwellers, it is (e) _____ constant nuisance. Particularly at (f) _____ night, it becomes more when thousands of mosquitoes start singing around (g) _____ us. Even during daytime, we are not free from (h) _____ attack of mosquitoes.  To prevent (i) _____ nuisance caused by mosquitoes, we have to be alert and work in (j) _____ assorted effort.

2. Complete the text with suitable preposition.  0.5×10=05 Parents have desire (a) ___ bright future (b) ___ their children. They are ready to do anything which may be congenial (c) ___ the success (d) ___ their children. Every success (e) ___ their children makes them happy and they became sanguine (f) ___ their bright future . But if the children do not pay heed (g) ___ the suggestions (h) ___ their parents and fail to move forward as the parents want, their entire hopes end (i) ___ smoke. So, children must be cautious (j) ____it.                                   

3. Complete the sentences with suitable phrases/words given in the box.                                                                                        0.5×10=05

let alone was born there what is it like what if
has  to     it as if what does… look like had better

a) He treats me ———- I were his younger brother. Actually he is one of my distant relatives.   b) Rima is a daughter of poor parents. She has no private tutor. So she ———- study hard.      c) ———- was a stormy night. It was raining also                                                                     d) I cannot ride a bike, ———- a car. I have no money to buy any of these two things.                e) Victor Hugo is a famous French novelist and dramatist. He ——– in 1802.

f) Salma, ———- a kangaroo ———-?

g)  Today is holiday . ———- going to the zoo?

h) You are not attentive to your study. ———- you fail in the exam ?

i) You ——— not to cross the river at this moment. The river is very rough now.

j) ———- flows a river by our village. We often swim in it.

4. Complete the sentences using suitable clauses/phrases 0.5×10=05 a) The darkness of night prevails everywhere. I don’t know whether ——–. b) Flood is a natural calamity. Neither the government ———-. c) Koli is an intelligent girl. We don’t know why ———-.                      d)  If winter comes ———-.     e) Skiing is a popular sports at that time when ———-. Many people like it. f) Market is a place where ———-. We visit it every day.   g) Load shedding hampers our normal life. The development of our country will be seriously affected ———-.            h) People observe 21st February all over the world ———-.             i) The Pakistan armies were so cruel that ———-.         j) We could have been successful ———-.

5. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context: 0.5×10=05

Deforestation (a) ____ (mean) making a desert of land by cutting down trees indiscriminately and (b) ____ (grow) no tree plant there. There (c) ____ (be) several causes of deforestation. But it is also true that man (d) ____ (stop) it if he can control his luster. There (e) ____ (be) alternative to wood whatever the purpose is. Deforestation (f) ____ (give) birth to deadly effect. Draught, global warming, cyclone, windstorm sandstorm, soil erosion etc. are the ultimate outcomes of deforestation which (g) ____ (be) ultimate prone to perpetual desertification. Afforestation instead of deforestation (h) ____ (save) it easily. The country forms these devastations. Forests should be (i) ____ (reserve) in every region of the country. The total forest area must not (j) ____ (be) less than 25% of the land area of the country.

6. Read the text and change the sentences as directed: 05

Stephen hawking was born in 1942.He was born in an educated family. (a) He is considered as the greatest physicist after Einstein. (Active) (b) In 1979 he joined Cambridge University. (Complex) (c) When he was thirty two years old, he received the prestigious Albert Einstein award. (Simple) (d) He wrote a book explaining cosmology for general public. (Compound) (e) He is one of the greatest scientists in the present world. (Positive)

7. Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches.    05

Shafat said to Lucy, “Do you like democracy or socialism?” “I like both democracy and socialism”, answered Lucy. “How is it that you like both the concepts? Please usually advocate either of the two,” he said. “When I speak well of both, I count their good points which are in my opinion, necessary to the growth of mixed economy in a country,” she argued.

8. Identify the unclear pronoun references in the passage to make them clear:  05

Sunlight is the source of all energy on the earth. All the living beings are dependent upon this. Green plants are the producer of the ecosystem. All plants and animals of it are interconnected serially. Consequently, there develops of food chain among these. The transfer of food energy takes place from producers through series of food levels. There are numerous food chains in an ecosystem. It does not work in isolation. There are linked together to form a food web.

9. Read the following text and use modifiers as directed in the blanks speeches: 0.5×10=5

Nelson Mandela (a) ___ (post -modify the noun with appositive), is one of the greatest leaders of the world, no doubt. During (b) ___ (use article to pre-modify the noun) time of Mandela, the Europeans were separated from the non-Europeans. It was (c)___ (use noun adjective to pre-modify the noun)  policy of racial segregation. The blacks were subjected to (d) ___ (use quantifier to pre-modify the noun) sorts of indignities. They were denied all basic (e) ___ (use adjective to pre-modify the noun) rights. They were in fact aliens in   (f) ___ (use possessive) own country. The blacks were also treated (g) ___ (use adverb to post -modify the verb)  Even dogs received a much better treatment  than the blacks. The (h) ___ (use an adjective to pre-modify the noun) leader vowed to put an end to the inhuman practice, Unfortunately, (i)____(use demonstrative to pre-modify the noun) great man was thrown  behind the prison bars. But the oppressive rulers could not break his spirit. All his life he struggled against apartheid. Eventually, the great leader fulfilled the goal of liberating (j) ___ (use possessive to pre-modify the noun) people.

10. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank speeches of the following passage:              0.5×10=05

We should always keep in mind (a) ___ All kinds of physical exercise are not suitable for all. (b)___ different people have different capacities. (c)___, harder exercise (d) ___wrestling and gymnastics are suitable for young people (e)___ have energy to perform them. (f)___ walking, jogging and free hand exercise are best for the old people. Over exercise never does good (g) ___ breaks down the health.  (h)___, we should always take (i) ___ exercise as would suit us. Physical exercise is important for the preservation of good health. It   (j) ___builds our character.

11. Read the passage and write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below:                  0.5×10=05

Queen Victoria, when she was a little girl, was taught economical habits excellent governess. The princess had a set allowance for pocket money. She was not permitted to exceed it. Once at the market at the turn bridge wells she had exhausted all her supply of money in buying a number of presents for relatives and friends. As she was leaving, she remembered another cousin to whom she thought, she would like to make a present. She saw a box marked half a crown which she considered would be just the very thing for him. But alas! The money was all gone. The people in the shop said they would just enclose the box with the other article but her governess said, “No, you see the princess has no money  and so, of course, she cannot buy the box.

a) economical (antonym) b) set (antonym) c) permit (antonym) d) exhaust (synonym) e) buy (antonym) f) remember (antonym) g) present (synonym) h) alas (synonym) i) enclose (synonym) j) buy (synonym)

12. There are ten errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Re-write the text correcting the errors. 0.5×10=05

There goes a proverb A barking dog seldom bites when a dog is powerless to bite it wants to show its ability by barking. It thinks that if it barks people will be scared, but people are always more intelligent than dogs. Instead of being afraid people laugh at the barking of the powerless dogs. In our society there are also many powerless persons, but they pretend to be powerful. By this pretension they want to serve their purpose. Such cases are not rare rather in many numbers. We all should be careful of those powerlessly powerful persons.



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