English 1st Paper Suggestion for HSC 2019

Seen and Unseen Passages

The history of Bengal ———- for our rights (1 and 3)

Unsafe levels of pesticides ———- they added (1)

I caught sight ———- an attentive listener (1 and 2)

As a child ———- and pleasant (1 and 3)

Blow, Blow thou ———— the green holly (3)

Adolescents constitute ———- and alcohol (2)

Universities should ———- remains incomplete (1, 2 and 3)

My name is Amerigo ———- in the street (1 and 2)

Water, water ———- find it nowhere (1)

A vast Mangrove ———- Sarah Christie (1 and 2)

Kuakata, locally know ———- traditional fairs (1 and 3)

Because I have seen ———– her feet (3)

According to some myths ———- British Museum (1, 2 and 3)

The term Diaspora ———- now is globalization (1 and 3)

I will arise ——- hearts core (3)

Conflict can be ———- intergroup conflict (1 and 2)

A Peace Moment———- non-violence (1, 2 and 3)

Beauty is easy ——— love and death (2 and 3)

Folk Music ———- roof tops (1 and 2)

A craft work is ———- cultural products (1)


a) A Book Fair / A Visit to a Book Fair

b) Natural Calamities in Bangladesh

c) The Importance of Learning English

d) Your Country or Bangladesh

e) Load-Shedding

f) Keeping Good Health

g) Eve Teasing

h) Female Education

i) Gender Discrimination

j) Dowry

k) Environment Pollution

l) Food Adulteration

m) Diaspora

Completing Story

a) Sheikh Saadi

b) Devotion to Mother

c) A Liar Shepherd

d) An Honest Wood Cutter

e) A Happy Cobbler

f) A Farmer and a Goose

g) A Dove and an Ant

h) A Hare and a Tortoise

i) A Dog with a Piece of Meat

j) A Thirsty Crow

k) Who is to Bell the Cat?

l) Two Friends in a Jungle


a) Literacy Rate

b) Internet Users

c) Population Growth

d) Time Spending on Various Activities

e) Number of People Living Poverty Line

f) Selling Rates of Different Types of Books

Poem Analysis

a) The School Boy

b) I Died for Beauty

c) She Walks in Beauty

d) Daffodils

e) Dream Poems

f) Blow, Blow, thou winter

g) Fair Daffodils, we —- found again

h) Hold fast to Dreams

i) I Will Arise and Go Now —-Wings

j) I Sit on one —– September Night


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