English 1st Paper Model Test for SSC 2020

SSC Model Test 2020                  

                                       English 1st Paper

Full Marks: 50                                                          Time: 60 Minutes

                               Reading Text (Seen Passage) (Marks-50)

Read the following passage and then answer the questions below it

The advantages of the Internet technology have made it possible to emerge a good number of web sites to facilitate social relations among people around the world. These are known as social networking services or social networks. At present, Facebook is the most popular. Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are other frequently used social services. Social network services are web-based and hence, provide ways for the users to interact through the Internet. These services make it possible to connect people sharing interests and activities across the borders and thus have made a lot for the users to feel that they really live in a global village. Why are social networks expanding so fast? The answer is simple. Most of the social l services are cost free. You can make use of them free, paying a very little to your Internet service provider. Secondly, you can make your personal profile public before the entire online community. It is like presenting yourself before the entire world. You can also look into other people’s profile if you are interested. It is simple and easy. Thirdly, social networks allow users to upload pictures, multimedia contents and modify the profile. Some like Facebook allow users to update their profiles. Fourthly, networks allow users to post blog entries. User profiles have a section dedicated to comments from friends and other users. Finally, there are privacy protection measures too. A user himself or herself decides over the number of visitors/viewers, and what information should be shared with others.

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives:   1×7=7

a) The internet technology has helped to —– a lot of websites.

i) emerge ii) destroy iii) remove  iv) deploy

b) The social networks —– relations among people.

i) reduce ii) promote iii) cut off  iv) set about

c) The word ‘privacy’ means —–.

i) publicity ii) defense  iii) seclusion   iv) spread out

d) The word ‘protection’ means —–.

i) defense ii) ritual    iii) beliefs     iv) safeguard

e) The synonym of the word ‘border’ is ——.

i) edge ii) near iii) area  iv) level

f) The synonym of the word ‘allow’ is ——.

i) permission ii) permit iii) permitting     iv) permitted

g) The synonym of the word ‘answer’ is ——.

i) tell ii) say iii) response iv) narrate

 2. Answer the following questions.     2×5=10

a) What are social networks?

b) What are the advantages of social network?

c) How are the networks making a global community?

d) Why are the social networks expanding?

e) What do you know about Facebook?

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it.                                           

26 March, our Independence Day, is the biggest state festival. The day is celebrated every year in the country with great enthusiasm and fervor. It is a national holiday. All offices, educational institutions, shops and factories remain closed on this day. The day begins with 31 gunshots. Early in the morning the President and the Prime Minister on behalf of the nation place floral wreaths at the National Mausoleum at Savar. Then diplomats, political parties, social and cultural organizations, and freedom fighters pay homage to the martyrs. People from all walks of life also come there with rallies and processions. There are several cultural programs throughout the day highlighting the heroic struggle and sacrifice in 1971. The country also witness a smartly dressed parade of defense forces, border guards, police and the VDP (Village Defense Party) at the National Parade Ground near the National Parliament. In Bangabandhu Stadium, school children, scouts and girl guides take part in various displays to entertain thousands of spectators. The educational institutions also organize their individual programs. Sports meets and tournaments are also organized on the day including the exciting boat race in the river Buriganga. In the evening, all major public buildings are illuminated with colorful lights. Bangla Academy, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy and other socio-cultural organizations hold cultural functions. Similar functions are also arranged in other places in the country.

 3. Fill in the gap in the following passage with a suitable word of your own based on the information from the text: 1×5=05

26 March is a (a) ___ letter day for the people of Bangladesh. On this day, our (b) ___ War began. The (c) ___ sons of our country laid down their lives for the (d) ___ of the country. So, the whole nation celebrates the day every year to (e) ___ respect to the martyrs.

4. Read the following passage carefully and complete the table below with information from the passage.                           1×5=5

Louise Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist. He is remembered for his remarkable invention of the causes and preventions of diseases. He was born on December 27, 1822 in Dole, Jura, French. He entered primary school in 1831. In 1838he left for Paris to join the Institution of Barbet but became homesick and returned home. In 1839 he got into the college Royal de Beasancon and received B.A. degree in 1840. He did his B.Sc. in Chemistry from the Dijon in 1842. He received his medical license in 1845 as a doctor. He was appointed Professor of Physics at the Dijon Lycee in 1848. He invented the vaccines for Rabies in 1886. He died on September 28, 1895 at the age of 72.

Name of the Events   Place  Year/Time Contribution
Born i) ——    
Received B.Sc. in Chemistry ii) —— iii) ——  
Received medical license   iv) ——  
    in 1886 v) ——

 5. Write a summary of the passage in your own words.            10

 6. Match the parts of sentences given in column ‘A’ and column  ‘B’ to write five complete sentences. There are more parts of sentences in column ‘B’ than required.                                1×5=5

Column A Column B Column C
a) Man’s learning cannot i) the elders is an act of i) learning good manners
b) Childhood is the ii) sense of decency in ii) our dealing with others
c) Smoking in presence of iii) be complete without iii) disapprobation of good manners
d) What is assumed as good iv) manners in a country may not iv) acquisition of good manners
e) We should have the v) proper time for v) be the same in another country

7. Put the following parts of the story in correct order to rewrite the whole story.     1×8=8

a) He was puzzled for a time.

b) The queen of Sheba also heard of his wealth and wisdom and so she came to test him.

c) She brought with her two garlands of flowers — one natural and other artificial.

d) Everyone will have heard the name of Solomon who was famous for his wealth and wisdom.

e) He noticed some bees humming for honey in a withered rose outside the window and asked one of his men to open the windows.

f) She placed them before the king and asked him to pick up the natural one.

g) The bees came in and settled on the natural flowers and thus the king solved the problem.

h) The queen of Sheba became surprised and went away admiring the king.


Answer Sheet:

1. a) i) emerge  b) ii) promote  c) iii) seclusion  d) iv) safeguard

e) i) edge f) ii) permit  g) iii) response

2. (Try yourself)

3. a) red b) Liberation c) heroic d) freedom e) show

4) i) in Dole, Jura, French ii) Dijon iii) in 1842 iv) in 1845 v) Invented the vaccines for Rabies

5) Try yourself

6) a) a + iii + iv b) b + v + i c) c + i + iii d) d + iv + v e) e + ii + ii


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
d b c f a e g h



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