Don’t want another 9/11 in Bangladesh

After watching the trailer of the film- ‘innocence of Muslims’ in YouTube, I couldn’t stay on chair and realize the necessity of a human bond, besides US embassy and  raising voice against their immorality and inhumanity . Undoubtedly ‘Innocence of Muslims’- is not only a film but also a political game. It focuses Islam with a mocking presentation and insults our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW.

We know that, none can tolerate any instigation and mocking attitude about their religions. And in past the Christians couldn’t tolerate the insult of Hazrat Isa (A), when in Paris, a cinema hall played a movie, which showed that Hazrat Isa (A) fall in love with a women. After watched that a Christian fired on the hall and a man was died. So, Now how can we hope that the Muslims keep silent after insult Hazrat Muhammad SAW? So, it is clear that,  this film is made for giving incite in  Muslims worldwide. The famous journalist and analyzer of middle-east topics Robert fisk clarify about the result of this game. He said- ‘‘when the Arab Muslims are going towards the democracy by evicting dictators, then this Muslims should conscious about these instigators. The extremist may cause violence with the help of excitements and the broker may come at that path”. Yes, we have already seen that USA send armed force with war ship towards Libya after died of their high-commissioner, Christopher.   But one point should be noted that, who is responsible of labia violence? In Egypt, labia, Yemen, Tunisia, Indonesia Muslims violence are spread. They attacked US embassy and fire on US flag. But who is responsible for anti American slogan? The answer is America itself. I don’t blame all Americans as there are a lot of man like Robert fisk who talk about humanity  and against the game of Jewish about Muslims. But it is true that now a days America knowing as a country of Nakula Basil – who is the producer of this despicable film which  hurt Muslims worldwide. So the best solution is to give a instance punishment to this porno producer and President Obama  should say sorry to Muslim world.

We know, recently in an Arabic radio named Sawa (Radio Sawa is a United States Congress-funded public relations endeavor that has enjoyed significant recent popularity in the Middle East.), Basil said that- “no, I am not sorry, but I fell sorrow about the death of US high commissioner. Am not apologized for making this film. I made this 14 minutes film and spread it in internet. I am thinking to publish the whole film”. So, there has a chance from basil of playing this type of film once again. Though, we surprisingly seeing that without telling about the producer, director and their faults, US president Obama vows to given extra protection his every employes at every embassys. but it is simple that if he say sorry and take action against this film, no force is needed to control violence and protect the US high commissioners. Now it is time to see that obama will take the path of peace or violence?

On the otherhand, after death of very elligible US highcommissioner Christopher Steven in Libia, many prople may say that- ‘is islam teach to kill innnocence person’? First of all i must conform that Christopher’s doctor said that he was died by the smoke of fire. and recently we know from newspaper that when the Christopher fall on floor, some libian went to save him. So, it is clear that muslims was not killed him. Secondly, are the film maker, releaser didn’t know the effect of their fancy play? yes they knew. So why we blame only muslims? It is true that if muslim make a film by insulting cristian religion and make a false film showing Hazrat Isa (A)  then the cristians must be blast. But truely  muslim love Allah and his all messengers. It is noticed that, many people said- this step of jewish may cause another 9/11. but we don’t want another 9/11, another Guantanamo bay or abu garib prison. we want peace.

Now a days we have noticed that America want to give a screen  of human independence on this topic. But how could we tell the insulting and abasement of one’s religion, one’s right as a human independence. Can we punish an innocent person in the name of self- independent? No, independent don’t teach us  that. So US can’t use this word. On the other hand, as the producer is a jewish so it’s time to see that is Obama take action about this political game besides the jewish lobby or not.  Finally, as it is a making game of jewish, so we muslims should conscious and not to fall on their trap.



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