Dividing the Bread

                        Dividing the Bread

Once there were two rats who were very foolish and unclear with each other.  One day they found a piece of bread and they could not agree on how to divide it. Each rat wanted to get a larger piece than the other. Gradually, they argued and argued. After sometimes one of them realized about their fault and then he proposed the other to go and see their friend Mr. Monkey who would solve their problems. So, they went to him and told him to divide the bread. The monkey was very wise and clever. So, he easily understood the matter and replied that it was very difficult to divide the bread into equal halves. Then he broke the bread into two pieces and put them on his scales. When one piece was proved bigger he took a bite out of the bigger piece to make it equal to the small one. But his bite was not accurate and then the bigger piece became smaller. Thus, he was taking bites one after another to make them equal and each time he failed. In this way, the bread became very small and then the rats could understand his trick. So, they wanted to get back the rest of the bread and agreed themselves to solve the matter. But Mr. Monkey refused to do so. He demanded the rest of the bread as his wage because he had to give labor to do the job. Saying so, he ate up the bread. At last, the rats realized that everyone has to solve their own problem by compromising between themselves. 

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    • Noon on August 8, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    Thank you so much!! I really needed this story^^OMG THANK AGAIN!♧♤

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