Diaspora Paragraph


‘Diaspora’ is a term by which we can understand those people who have left their own motherland and settled in another country of the world, either because they were forced to do so or because they willingly left their own country. In the history of civilization, we can find many events of diaspora. The Jewish were the first diaspora in the history of mankind. Their ancestor Abraham was forced to leave Iraq and then he took shelter in Egypt. Then his off spring Jews were forced to leave Palestine during Islamic Era. The Jews became diaspora in Europe and then in America. Coming from the central Europe, the Aryans settled in Indian sub-continent. Here the Aryans were also diaspora but the cause of their migration is also unknown in the twenty century, after the World War II, the Jews started gathering in Palestine named Israel. The Palestinians were forced to leave Israel which was their own motherland. They have become Diasporas in different countries of the world. The political turmoil in the Middle East which includes like Syria, Libya and other countries in the middle east, Europe and America. Most of the reasons behind the migration are the revenge of nature and most common reason is globalization.


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