Critical Analysis of The Good-Morrow

Critical Analysis

“The Good-Morrow” is an excellent piece of metaphysical poetry. John Donne has written it as a comparatively early age and the poem was published in a collection entitled as Songs and Sonnets. It is a poem about contentment in love.

The poem has short lyric of three stanzas. Each stanza bears seven lines. The rhyme scheme of the stanza is ababccc. The poem begins with a surprise, which has been developed to a confidence in love in the middle part of the poem. In the last part of the poem the love has been given immortality. Several arguments have been used to develop the theme.

It is a metaphysical poem. According the characteristics of metaphysical poem, the major themes of the poems are- love, death, and religious faith. The major theme of the Good Morrow is Love. It deals with spiritual love. It presents a saturated love, which has nothing to do with physical instincts.

The theme of love has been developed argumentatively from surprise to confidence and then to immortality. Donne has used several conceits to develop the thought. The conceits are:

The comparison between the unaware lovers and the breast-feed babies.

The comparison between the unconscious lovers and the seven sleepers who slept for two hundred years.

The comparison between the lovers’ micro-world with the real world; and

The comparison between the two hemispheres and the two lovers.

The poem is a dramatic monologue in form though it differs from a formal

dramatic monologue. Its abrupt beginning, single speaker and silent listener

conform to the tradition to the dramatic monologue. But it does not have

the psychological tension that a dramatic monologue of Robert Browning

has. Moreover, its arguments are not found in a dramatic monologue.



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