Correlation Between Pidgin and Creole

Discuss the correlation between pidgin and creole.

Definition of Pidgin: Pidgin is a language with no native speaker. When different types of people from different races live in a certain place and use a common language, without maintaing any rule and regulation of a language, to express their feelings and fulfill their fundamental elements; it is considered as pidgin.

Definition of Creoles: When the vocabulary and sentence structure and grammatical rules of pidgin are changed and translated it in a standard language than it is considered as creoles.

The correlation between pidgin and creole: 

a. Pidgin and creoles are marginal, in the circumstance of their origin. They are also marginal in terms of knowledge about them.

b. Pidgin and creoles are invaluable to those who use them.

c. They are not only essential to everyday living but also frequently important makers of identity.

d. The standard of pidgins and creoles has become an important part of linguistics and sociolinguistic study with its own literature and controversies.

e. Pidgin is the product of a multilingual situation in which those who wish to communicate must find or a simple language system that will enable them to do so.

A pidgin arises from the simplification of a language when that language comes to dominate various groups of speakers separated from one another by language differences.

f. A creole is often defined as a pidgin that has become the first language of a new generation of speakers.

g. Creoles arise when pidgins become mother tongue.

h. Pidgin and creole languages are distributed mainly in the equatorial belt around the world.

i. The pidgin is widely used as a trading language and the creole is found in and around the capital.

j. Each pidgin or creole is a well-organized linguistic system.

k. The sounds of a pidgin or creole are likely to be fewer and less complicated in their possible arrangements than those of the corresponding standard language.

l. The number of sounds which are used in pidgins and creoles may be smaller than in the corresponding standard language.

m. In pidgin and creole, there is likely to be a complete lack of inflection in nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives.

n. The vocabulary of a pidgin or a creole has a great many similarities to that of the standard language with which is associated.

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