Conflict Between Agamemnon and Achilles

Discuss about the Conflict between Agamemnon and Achilles from Homer’s The Iliad

  It is well known to us that, Homer is considered as one of the greatest Greek literary creators, who is mostly familiar for The Iliad. In this epic Achilles is considered as one of the most important characters, who has made the epic fruitful.  

  The story of the epic has started with the conflict between Agamemnon and Achilles. Both of them are Greek fighters but they always quarrel and fight with each other.

 Agamemnon is a great king and Menelaus is his brother whose wife is Helen, the most beautiful girl in the Greek, who has been abducted by Paris. So, they have come to fight against the Troy. On the contrary, Achilles is the son of a king and his mother is a goddess. So, he is considered as a superman. Achilles is very powerful and bold fighter. In their kingdom there is no fighter as powerful as he, so he always makes pride for his strength.               

  Agamemnon has a beautiful mistress named Cryseis. Her father was a priest of Apollo and he requests Agamemnon to return Cryseis; but Agamemnon insults him. Cryses is the priest of Apollo. He begs Apollo to do judge and Apollo curses on the Greek solders and among them many have died in this curse.  Immediately, Achilles calls a meeting about the matter and the wisest persons of the monarchy attend the program. They give a proposal that, Cryseis should be sent to her parents; but Agamemnon does not agree with them. At last he also agrees with them but he gives a condition. His condition is that he wants to get Briseis who is the most beautiful mistress of Achilles. Achilles feels very angry and he rebukes a lot to Agamemnon. In a situation Achilles has gone to kill Agamemnon. At that time a god comes to Achilles and forbids him to do such type of activity. Achilles endures the behavior of Agamemnon. Agamemnon sends people in the ship of Achilles and takes Briseis from that ship. But Achilles says nothing and endures everything. He only feels insult and gets hurt. At last he calls his mother Thesis and she has come to hear every things. She gives sympathy to him and requests him to go to the Zeus. Achilles wants the defeat of the Greek. So, Thetis goes to the Zeus and requests him to take the side of the Troy.

 For all these conflicts, Achilles does not participate in the war and the Greek solders have fallen in great troubles. From the beginning of this story we see Achilles does not participate in the war. So, many Greek fighters have been killed by Hector. But, when Achilles participates in the war Hector does have many solders. As a result, the result of this conflict becomes very bad for the Greek solders.

 Achilles is the son of a king and a goddess. So, he has much pride. Agamemnon is also the son of another king but his mother is not a goddess. He has also much pride and both of their prides are responsible for this conflict. Again, Briseis, the mistress of Achilles, is also responsible behind the conflict.                  


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