1. Write a composition about ‘THE WONDERS OF MODERN SCIENCE’
We live in an age of science. We can see the wonders of science around us. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. We cannot think of our modern life without science.
The first wonder of modern science is the discovery of electricity. It has removed dark and brought light to us. It has changed our life, society and culture. It is a great source of power and energy. The radio, tv, lights, fans, electric irons, mills, factories and refrigerators – all work through the power of electricity.
Telephone, telex, fax, telegram are great wonders. They brought the world closer to us. They have brought the world closer to us. The have conquered space, distance and time. Radio and television are also great media of communication.
Science has invented many wonders for our recreation. We can enjoy cinema, tv, radio, tape, mobile phone, v.c.r. etc. at our home for our recreation.
Science has given eyes to the blind, hearing to the deaf, legs to the lame. X-ray, ultrasonography, E.C.G. are some wonders of modern science.
Cars, buses, trains, computer and calculators are also wonders of modern science.
Science is the greatest wonder of all conquerors in the past and present.
2. Write an composition about ‘Tree plantation’

Tree plantation
Since the dawn of civilization man has a close relation with nature. Trees are the most important gift of nature. They have made friendship with our life. So, they are our best friend. They play an important role in our life and economy.
Trees are useful to us in various ways. They are a great source of food and vitamins. We can not think of our homes, houses, residences etc without trees. We get various kinds of fruits from trees. Trees give us oxygen without that we can not live. They give shade and shelter. We get medicine, wood, oil etc from trees. Trees save us from flood and natural calamities.
Bangladesh is a low land. Upper levels are the best suitable place to plant trees. We can use the unused sea beaches and low – lying unused lands for tree plantation. There are many roads and highways in our country. We can plant trees on both sides of these roads and highways. Again, we can use the hilly areas of chittagong and sylhet for tree plantation.
June and July are the best time for tree plantation. Proper steps should be taken to make the consciousness among the people about the importance of tree plantation.
Trees bear a great impact on the climate. If we destroy trees at random, one day our country will turn into a great desert. As a result, the country will face a great crisis because our country depends on agriculture.
However, we should plant more and more trees. Trees are part and parcel in our day to day life. We can not think of our existence without them.
3. A short composition about “A Village Market”.
A Village Market
A village market usually sits at an open place or by a river. There are two kinds of market. One is daily and the other is weekly. Daily market is known as Bazar and sits in the morning. Weekly market is known as ‘Hat’ and sits once or twice in a week in the afternoon.
There are three categories of shops are seen in the village market. They are permanent shops, temporary shops and open space shops. The temporary shops are held in sheds having only their roofs. In these shops oil, rice, salt, etc are found. The grocers, tailors, cloth sellers, stationers and tea sellers have their permanent shops.
Again there are different sections of village market. They are the fish market, the vegetable market , the rice market , the fruit market and so on. The vegetables and fish market are the most noisy and crowded places in the market. The village market is of great use and importance to the villagers. The villagers gather there to buy and sell their necessary things.
A village market is also a meeting place for the villagers. They can meet their friends and relatives. It is the important centre of economical activities of the rural people.
4. Write a short composition about ” A Journey By Train”.

A journey is often a pleasure. A journey by train is also pleasure. A journey by train is much joyful to me. It is a common journey in Bangladesh
It was summer. My school was closed. I and some of my friends decided to go to my sister’s house in Chittagon by train. It was 2013. We reached kamalapur railway station by a taxi. We bought our tickets and got into the train at 7 a.m.
When the train whistled , the train started moving. I sat beside a window. The train left urban area soon. Then the train began running through the green field of the rural areas. I gazed and gazed at the houses, trees and medows. My mind became cheerful. Everything seemed to be running.
Then it crossed a bridge over a river. It was an express train. It stopped only at a few big stations. At noon we reached the areas of chittagong district. I felt joy seeing hills. After seven hour, the train reached chittagong railway station at 4 p.m. We got down from the train and went to my sister’s house by a taxi. We enjoyed the journey much. It gave us much pleasure.
A journey by train is a joyful journey. We shall never forget this journey. It gave me a lot of pleasure. We enjoyed the journey very much.
5. Write a short composition on The Rainy Season.
The Rainy Season
There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The rainy season is one of them. It comes after summer. Ashar and shravan are the months of Rainy season. During the rainy season the sky is cloudy. Sometimes the sun is not seen.
During the rainy season it rains cats and dogs. So people keep themselves inside the house. Students can not go to school, madrasha, and colleges. Road become muddy and slippy. Rivers, tanks, ponds and canals become full to brim. Many villages goes under water.
The rainy season is very useful for our country. It brings alluvial silt. It makes our land fertile. Bangladesh is a land of agriculture. Our agriculture mainly depends on water. So the rainy season is a very important season for us. Rain brings much water for our land and paddy, Jute, sugarcane etc. grow rapidly. Farmers are busy in this season. They sing and work in the field with joy. The house and roads are washed away in this season. We get fishes in this season.
Sometimes the rainy season is a curse. Sometimes flood occurs and washes away our crops and houses. Several disease break out. The poor can not earn their living.It is true that the rainy season makes earth cool after the heat of summer. The nature looks very beautiful. I like this season very much.

6. A short composition on tea/a popular drink/Tea as a popular drink/The most popular drink
Tea is the most popular drink in the world today. It refreshes us and gives energy.
Tea grows in the hilly area. It grows in plenty in Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Srilanka, Thailand and Myanmar etc. In Bangladesh sylhet and chittagong are suitable place for production of tea.
Tea seeds are sown in a nursery. Tea plants grow fine tea-leaves for three years. Tea leaves are plucked four times in a year by the coolies. The leaves are dried in the sun . Then leaves are taken for processing in a factory . Then they are packed in boxes for sale.Some tea leaves are put in a pot of boiled water. Sugar and Milk are also mixed. Thus a tasteful cup of tea is made.
Tea has become a most popular drink. People take tea every morning and evening. A cup of tea after hard working gives freshness and vigour. But it does more harm than good.
Tea is not always good for health. In hot countries it does more harm than good. Much of it is bad for health. It kills hunger.
Tea is very cheap and popular drink. Almost all rich or poor , young or old take tea once or twice a day. Tea is our cash crop. It brings huge money for our country. We get a lot of money by exporting it. So govt. should take proper care to cultivate tea.
7. A short composition on The seasons of Bangladesh
The seasons of Bangladesh
There are six seasons in Bangladesh. They are the summer, the rain, the autumn, the late autumn, the winter and the spring. The summer is the first season in Bangali calendar. Baishakh and Jaistha make the summer season. During summer, the sun shines hotly. The heat is unbearable. Water goes dry. Pond, canals, lakes and small rivers go dry. Extreme heat makes everything lifeless. People can not work easily. Summer is also called the season of fruits. Various kinds of fruits like Mangoes, Jackfruits and other fruits of Bangladesh ripen in this season.
Then rainy season comes. Ashar and Shravan are the months of the rainy season. During the rainy season the sky looks cloudy. Sometimes the sun is not seen. It rains heavily. Rivers, tanks, ponds and canals become full to the brim. It rains cats and dogs. Students can not go to schools, madrasha and colleges. Road become muddy and slippy. The rainy season is very useful for our country. Our agriculture depends on this rain. We get enough fishes in this season.
After the rain the autumn comes. Badra and Ashin are the months of the Autumn. The cloudy sky becomes clear with the coming of the Autumn.
Then the late autumn comes. Katrick and Agrahayon make this season. It is the season of dew. The paddy begins to ripe. The farmers are busy with their harvests.

After late autumn, the winter comes. Poush and Magh are the months of Winter season. It is the season of fog. Nature becomes gloomy. People shiver in cold. Various delicious Vegetables grow and people eat them.
Falgun and chaitra make the spring. It is the king of seasons. It is neither very cold nor very hot . Nature looks beautiful. Trees get new leaves. Flower bloom. A gentle breeze blows. It is the season of joy. The cuckoo sings sweet song . It is the best of all seasons.
8. A short composition on the fruits of Bangladesh
The fruit of Bangladesh
Fruits are delicious food. Various kinds of fruits grow in Bangladesh.
There are many kinds of fruits in our country. Among them, Jack fruit, mango, orange, pineable, banana, coconut, water lemons, guavas etc. are the main fruits of Bangladesh. They are remarkable fruits in our country.
The jackfruit: The jackfruit is the largest of all fruits. It is our national fruit. It is found during the summer. It is very sweet and tasty.
The mango is the most popular fruit in Bangladesh. It is the king of fruits. It is very sweet and tasteful. It grows all over the country. But mangoes of Rajshahi are best.
The orange is another nutritious fruit. It gives us delicious juice. It is round in shape.
The pineapple is a juicy fruit. It grows plenty in Comilla and sylhet. The best kind of it grows in Srimangal and Modhupur of Tangail.
The banana is the most common fruit of Bangladesh. Everybody likes it. It is soft and tasty. The sabri and sagor are the best. Some green bananas are also used for cooking.
The coconut is another well known fruit in our country. It is a nutritious and source of oil.
There are many other fruits such as black berries, plums, wood apples, lichi, dates etc. They are also very popular in our country. There are some fruits which taste sour. Of these lemon, amra, kamranga, batabi, star apple are notable.

9. A short composition on Journey by boat.
Journey by boat
A journey often gives a pleasure. A journey by boat is also a pleasure. A journey by boat is joyful and pleasant to me. Bangladesh is a land of River. So, a journey by boat is a common journey in our country.
During the last autumn vacation, I and some of my friends made a journey by boat. One of our friends invited us to go his house at Dohar. His house was on the side of river Padma. We started from our own village.
It was 2004. We hired a boat. It was the month of December. We started at 8 a.m in the morning. The day was fine. The river was calm and quiet. The sky was clear. There were two boatmen in the boat. The boatman sailed. Many small boats were sailing on the river. Fishermen were catching fishes. Village women were taking water. The bank of river looked golden with green paddy. Men were cutting paddy. All these sights gave
us joy. Our boat reached at the ghat of Padma degree college. The boatman took a rest there for some time.
We reached Padma degree college at noon. We bathed in the river, took our food and took rest for an hour. Then we started for Dohar. Our boat reached at the ghat of our friends house in the evening. He was waiting for us there. We got down.
A journey by boat is a joyful journey. We shall never forget this journey. It gave me much pleasure. We enjoyed the journey very much.

10. A short composition on my first day at school.
My first day at school was a memorable day for me. The day still remains fresh in my mind. I was then 7 years old. At a night, my father told me that he would take me to school. I felt both joy and fear.
It was 2001. My mother washed me well. I put on new clothes. Then my father took me to school. My father soon took me to the Headmaster. He asked me some question and I answered them. Head master was very pleased. He put his hand on my shoulder. He said that you are intelligent. I will take you in my school. I hope you will be happy.
I was admitted to class 1. The head master was very nice person. He called a teacher named Mr.Mazhar who took me to the class. The class teacher welcomed me and gave me a seat. All the students in the class were staring at me. I felt a bit nervous to see all
Mazhar’s Technical hand note on Grammar & Composition
the new faces. But soon I became easy. I could make friends with two or three students sitting close to me.
A new place is a new experience. So my first day at school is a new experience in my life. I will remember the day as lon as I live.

11. A short composition on a village fair
A village fair is a fair which is held in a village. The people living in a village have no entertainments except the fairs. It is an important event in the life of the villagers. It is a great source of recreation.
A village fair is a traditional occasion of village life. It is an annual festival in a country. It breaks the monotony of their life. People enjoy it most heartily. The dusky village children enjoy themselves.
A village fair sits in an open field or at a market place. It also sits at the bank of a river or canal.
A village fair is commonly held once a year. It is generally held on the occasion of a religious festival or on the Bengali New Year’s Day. It lasts for a day or a week.
In a village fair toys, baskets, cosmetics, dolls etc. are sold . There are some special attractions in a village fair. The most attractive items are circus parties, Jatra parties , magic show etc. These give entertainments to the children and adult people. Children buy toys, kites flutes and sweetmeats in a village fair.
A village fair has some demerits too. Sometimes gamblers also play gambling. It harms to the youth . Pick picketers also take opportunity in the crowd.
Inspite of having some demerits, it has some educative and traditional values. It bears the testimony of the tradition.
To sum up, a village fair is a large gathering of rural people. It brings joys to the rural people.
12. A Short Composition on Computer
A computer is an electronic device. It is one of the gifts of modern science. A computer can take input from the user and process this input data and if need. It follows the instructions unit in which we input. It takes input through keyboard, mouse etc and then it process the input data and give output on display screen and store data if need.
Computer was not invented overnight. It took long time and hard labour to invent computer. A British professor named Charles Babeg invented this machine.
There are three parts in a computer. They are 1. central processing unit 2. Input 3. and output. The central processing unit is the brain of the computer. The input part receives signals and output part gives the result.
Computers are of two kinds- the analogue and the digital. An analogue computer can solve the different problems of mathematics within a short time. A digital computer can do varieties of thing. Now a days a computer means a digital computer.
We use it in every sphere of our life. Now people can get access to many libraries, books, journals and various kinds of information in a minute through a computer. We can not suffer from any communication gap or loneliness, if we have a computer. We use internet through computers for sending mails, keep in touch with friends and family members through various kinds of blogs and social sites such as twitter or Facebook  Thus computer is very important in the present world. Rather, it is a need like a pen or pencil for a student in a school or classroom.
It has lessened our work loads, saved time and energy. It has made our life easy and comfortable. It is a part and parcel of our life.
13. A Short Composition on Television
Television is one of the greatest discoveries of modern science. John Bayard invented the television in 1925. The word television has come from the latine word ‘tele’ and greek word ‘vision’. Tele means distance or far and vision means sight. Therefore television means ‘far sight.
Television is one of the most modern means of communication ideas and thoughts. We hear the speeches of the world famous personalistic.  It serves much more than a radio. It is like a stage where performers are seen and heard. It gives us news on national and international matters.
Television is a source of recreation. After day’s hard works we sit before a television set and hear music and songs. We enjoy drama, dance and many other things.
Television has a great education value. It teaches the illiterate and students. We hear and enjoy debates, lectures on various important topics, discussion on science and speeches through television. It has broken the wall between the literate and illiterate.
Now a days people need not go to stadium to enjoy a game. They sit before television and enjoy football, cricket and other games and sports.
Television has made the world small. It has conquered time and distance. People need not spend huge money to go abroad. We get familiar with the customs and traditions, fashions and dresses and culture of the people of differents part of the world through television.
Television has some demerits also. Young people most often watch the exciting films on violence and crime. They also see the obscene films and naked dances . All these things leave a damaging effect on their mind .
Television is an important medium of mass communication. It plays an important role in our daily life.
14. A short composition on Newspaper
Newspaper is a paper which carries news to us. It is a great wonder of modern civilization. It gives us news of both home and abroad.  It is very important for a nation. We can not think of modern life without the newspaper. It is a store house of knowledge. The history of newspaper is very common. The newspaper was first published in china. In England it was first published during the reign of queen

Elizabeth. In our subcontinent “The India Gazzette” was the first published newspaper. The first Bengali newspaper was “Samachar Darpan”.                                              
There are various kinds of newspaper. They are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. In Bangladesh we have a large number of English and Bangla newspapers. They are The daily star, The independent, the observerb, the ittafaq, the prothom alo, the amar desh, the sangbad and so on. Newspaper is very useful to us. We find all kinds of news and views in it. We get world news, our country news, market news, trade news, tender news etc by a newspaper. Newspaper gives us both pleasure and knowledge. It helps to grow the public opinion.                                                              
Newspaper are also not free from dark side. Sometimes they publish false news. Yet modern life is not possible  without newspaper.                                                          
In conclusion we can say that newspaper is very important to us. It brings the world nearer to us day by day. It is the mirror of the present world. So we should read newspaper everyday.
15. A Short Composition on My Native Village
The name of my village is Rasulpur. It is a large and famous village. It is about two miles long and one mile wide. It is in the district of Mymensingh under Gafargaon Upazila. It is the biggest village of our upazila. It is an ideal village. It is not far from thana.
Our village is densely populated.There are eight thousand people  in the village. Most of the people of the village are Muslims and others are Hindus. They are very simple and honest. They live here in peace. They help one another. They shares other’s sorrows and sufferings. About 8o%  people of the village are farmers. There are also teachers, traders, service holders etc.
There are a high school, two primary school, a madrasa, a post office and four mosques in our village. Village boys and girls receive their education in these school. Boys and girls from other villages also come to receive education. There is a post office and bank in the village. There is also a market in the village. The daily market sits everyday and the hat sits twice in a week. People  buy their daily necessaries from the market. There is also a charitable dispensary in the village.                                             
The communication system of the village is very good and easy.  A pacca road connects through the village to upazilla. People can go to the thana by vans, rickshaws etc. A good road connects from our village to railway station.
 The village is neat and clean. There is a small health center.  Villagers get medical care here. There is an MBBS. There are also some quacks. The natural beauty of the village is very attractive. The climate of the village is good for health. My village is an ideal village. I love my village. I am proud of it.
17. A Short Composition on Physical Exercise
Physical exercise means  the regular movements of the limbs of our body according to rules. It is essential to keep our body fit and mind sound. It preserves and improves our health.
 There are various kinds of exercise. Walking, swimming  riding,racing etc are good forms of physical  exercise. Besides, Playing football, cricket, kabadi, hockey, tennis, badminton etc. are also good forms of physical exercise.                                                  
All kinds of exercise are not fit for all season of the year.  All are not fit for all men of all ages. People who are strong in body can take all kinds of exercise. But those who are weak in body can not take all kinds of exercise. Morning and evening  are the best time to take physical exercise.
Physical exercise is necessary for the soundness of health. It helps  to  digest food.  It keeps us free from disease. Physical exercise makes us strong and active.
There is a proverb that a sound mind lives in a sound body. If  the body is unsound, the  mind must be unsound. Physical exercise enables us to build a good health which is key to success.
There are many people who does not take physical exercise. They fall  victim to many disease. The life becomes dull to them.                                        
So everybody should take physical exercise . We can build good health and sound mind through physical exercise. Physical exercise makes our body active and the muscles strong. It also improves our power of digestion and blood circulation. It gives strength to our brain.    
18. A Short Composition on ‘Jute’
Jute is a kind of fiber which is obtained from the bark of a plant called jute plants. It grows from six to twelve feet high and it is our main cash crop.
Jute grows in Low and plain land. Bangladesh is the store-house of jute. In our country it grows well in the districts of Mymensingh, Faridpur Pabna, Bogura, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Comilla, etc. Jute is also grown in India, Thailand and china. About 8o% jute of the world grows in Bangladesh.
 Farmers plough and give manure in their land well. Then they sow seeds in March or April. Jute plants grow within a week. Plants become mature in four or five months.
Jute plants are cut down in July and august. Then they are kept under water to rot. After a few days, fibre is taken from their sticks. Next they are washed in clean water and dried up in the sun. Thus jute becomes ready to sale.
 Jute is very useful to us. Different types of mats, ropes, painters, brush, false hair and great variety of our domestic use are made from jute. The sticks are used as fuel. we use the tender leaves of jute plant as vegetables.
 Jute plays an important role in our economy. It earns a lot of foreign exchange . So it is called the golden fibre of Bangladesh.            
19. A Short Composition on “Student Life”
The time that we spend in school, college and university in the first part of our life is called student life. It is the time to sow seeds of future life.                        
 Student life is the time of most important part of life. The main duty of a student is to acquire knowledge. We should write articles or school magazine. These will help us to become a good man in life. A student learn many things from books. But he has to enter the real world after his student life is over. So he needs practical knowledge of things.                         
In fact, student life is a life of learning. Student life is a care free life. It is a life of joy. This life is free from almost all anxieties of the world. At this time, our main work is to read and play. Our heart is soft . Our mind is simple. We pass our time happily. We can take part in games and sports. Sometimes, we go on picnic or educational trips. Therefore, the life of a student is a golden period of life.                                        
Student life is a life of character building. Character is very important in life. A good man is loved and respected by all. So a student should try to become a good man in future life. He must be truthful, honest and active.
A student can think of the society. He can take part in social service. He can teach the illiterate. He can help the poor.            
 Student life is the happiest period of our life. The success of future life depends on student life. So every student should use the time properly.
20. A short composition on ‘Your aim in life’.
My aim in life:  Every man has an aim in life. A man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. A fixed aim helps a man in life.
Many men have many minds. Some want to earn money, some want to earn fame, some want to acquire knowledge, some want to be a teacher, some want be a doctor and so on. It depends on the individual taste.
Like others, I have an aim in life. My aim in life is to be a doctor. For this, I have to study hard so that I may pass the s.s.s examination with a great credit. After passing the s.s.s examination from science group with credit, I shall get myself admitted into H.S.C in the same group. After passing H.S.C examination, I shall get myself admitted into the M.B.B.S course. After passing the M.B.B.S degree, I shall go to my native village and serve the people of my own village. I shall treat medically the poor patients without fees. I know that to serve the humanity is a great virtue. I want to live through the path of virtue.  
Most  of the people of our village are poor and uneducated. Good doctors are not available in village. So, they do not get help and advice of a good doctor.
They suffer from many diseases and die premature death. So, I have decided to be a doctor and serve them. I shall also try to start a charitable dispensary so that the helpless people may not die without medicine.
 This is in short, my aim in life. I think my choice is the best one. I shall be a happy man if I can fulfill my aim in life.                                            

21. Write a short composition on your favorite hobby

My favorite Hobby

Hobby means one’s favorite occupation but not one’s main business.  A man can not enjoy his leisure without a hobby. It may not bring money but it gives joys and pleasure. So it is necessary to enjoy life.

Different people have different hobbies. Some like gardening, some like kite flying, some like reading books, some like drawing and so on.

Gardening is my favorite hobby. It gives me much pleasure. I have a flower garden in front of my reading room. The main flowers of my garden are rose, bele, jui, kamini, gandharaj etc. I also grow vegetables like cauliflower, Cucumber,   etc around my garden.

I like gardening for various reasons. It gives me much pleasure in leisure. It makes beautiful our houses. I can plant some vegetables around my flower garden. As a result we get fresh vegetables.

Whenever I get time, I work in it. I water the plants regularly. The garden looks very charming. Everyday I work in the  garden. I generally work in my garden in the morning and in the afternoon.
On holiday I work more.

My garden is a source of joy. My joys knows no bound when I see the flower in full bloom. It also  brings money .

Gardening is very useful to me. It  keeps me free from all kinds of anxieties. It refreshes my mind.

22. Write a short composition on Your daily life.

Your daily life

Daily life means a routine life. Everybody should have a daily routine. For a student, it is must. I am a student. I have a routine of my daily activities. I follow it for my every day life.

I get up early in the morning. I always remember the proverb: “Early to bed and early to rise,
Makes a man healthy , wealthy and wise”

So, it is my habit to rise from bed early in the morning. After rising from bed I usually brush my teeth, wash my hands, face and feet and then say my morning prayer. Then I go to the open field in order to take physical exercise.  After coming back from there, I have my breakfast. Then I sit to read. I read for three hours.  After taking bath and eat food I go to school.

My school starts at 1 2 a.m. I reach there in time. I spend five hours there daily.  I know the value of punctuality. I attentively listen to what the teacher say in the class. When the school breaks, I come back home straight.

In the afternoon I go to the play ground. I play the cricket. Before the sunset I return home.
I wash my hand , face and say my Magrib prayer. Then  I go to my reading room. I read up to 10 pm. I finish my dinner with my parents and go to bed at 10 pm.

This is my daily routine  of my life.

23. Write a short composition on your favorite game

My favorite game

Game is an amusing activity. It is the source of a great pleasure. It removes the monotony of our life.

There are mainly two kinds of games in the world.  They are outdoor and indoor games. Among outdoor games, Football is my favorite game. I like  this game very much. This game is popular all over the world.

Football is played in an open large field. The game is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players.  There are a goal keeper, two backs, three half backs and five forwards on each side. A ball is placed at the centre. A referee conducts the game. As soon as he whistles, the game starts. Each team tries to net the ball. The game is generally played for ninety minutes.

There are some hard and fast rules for conducting the game. The players abide by these rules and show respect to the decision of the referee.

Merit of football game are many. Football helps the players to keep in good health. It makes a man strong and healthy. It teaches many moral qualities and virtues like obedience, co-operation, discipline, punctuality etc.

There are also some demerit of football game. The players face  serious accident. It also causes unnatural death. Sometimes it creats enmity among the supporters.

In spite of the little demerits, football is my favorite game. It is an interesting game. The game is played all over the world. It is very popular game.  

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