Comparison Between William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience.

Compare and Contrast between William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience.

Introduction: In songs of innocence William Blake sings the songs of enjoyment and happiness and he is the piper of happy and pleasant songs that make the children more delighted to hear. Here, Nurse of innocence keeps herself in very close with nature and children. She feels very happy and relaxed in her heart when children whisper, play and scream.

She enjoys the scenery of nature and she allows the request of the children to play when they protest against her command to leave off their game and to sleep. 

In experience, however the nurse is so dissatisfied and angry disobedient when the children play in the open field and wild land. She thinks that they are wasting their valuable time and destroying their career. Then she feels jealous and angry to them and does not accept their any request whey they protest against her command to leave off the game and to sleep. 

Now, she realizes about her childhood and remembers how she wasted her valuable time by playing like the children. She realizes again, in her childhood if she used her time properly and did not waste her time she would get better life.

In nurse of innocence, the nurse enjoys the whispering, screaming and playing of the children. The valleys and hills are alive there. But the nurse of experience finds the children’s playing is a wasting of time. So, the children are wrapped up in silence. 

Innocence is a state of heaven, there is no conflict, no anger. Though the state of innocence is wonderfully charming but it is not everything, and cannot last long. Songs of experience show how life challenges, corrupts and destroys it. Experience is a state of disappointment.    

In songs of innocence the atmosphere is one of the harmonious, peace and joys. But in experience the atmosphere is disenchanted (disappointed, dissatisfied) and angry rebel.    

According to Blake, experience destroys the natural, spontaneous, selfless love which characterizes innocence love. His view is that love demands not merely tolerance but forgiveness and brotherhood. In the songs of experience love is corrupted in many ways.


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