Class Six, Lesson Twelve: Birds of Bangladesh


                       Lesson Twelve:  Birds of Bangladesh


Main Words Similar Words
Country State, nation, kingdom, republic, motherland
Natural Normal, ordinary, usual, accepted, regular
Resource Store, reserve, supply, reserve,  means
Proud Pleased, satisfied, honored, gratified, delighted
Gift Present, presentation, offering, out giving
Plentiful Abundant, numerous, bountiful, insufficient, ample
Fauna Wildlife, breast, animals, creatures
Location Place, position, site, setting, situation
Plain Field, grassland, meadow, down country 
Land Property, plot, parcel
Deep Profound, grave, thick  
Sprightly Vigorous, energetic, active, lively
Restless Impatient, anxious, excited, uneasy
Stay Live, dwell, abide, reside, lodge
Worms Insect, beetle, bug
Build Shape, create, construct, make, form, establish




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