Class Six, Lesson Thirteen: An Unseen Beauty of Bangladesh

Lesson Thirteen: An Unseen Beauty of Bangladesh


Main Words        Similar Words
Beauty Loveliness, attractiveness, prettiness
Unseen Invisible, hidden, unnoticed, unobserved 
Attraction Fascination, charm, draw, glamor 
Laying Setting, placing, putting
Remote Distant, isolated, faraway
Countryside Village, rural area, rustic area
Amazing Miraculous, marvelous, astonishing, wonderful 
Landscape Scenery, scene, site, country site
State Country, province, territory, region, kingdom
Unfold Open, exhibit, unlock, uncover
Rural Rustic, pastoral, countryside, green
Mountain Pick, hill, rock, crag
Lean Thin, slim
Sky Blue, atmosphere, heaven
Pictorial Graphic, symbolic, illustrative
Modest Polite, courteous, gentle, shy moderate, measured
Abandoned Forsaken, uncontrolled, wild
Alluring Appealing, attractive, tempting, charming
Vibrant Lively, animated, exciting, alive
Ethnic Tribal, indigenous, traditional, cultural 
Various Different, several, numerous, many, countless
Change Alteration, transformation, modification

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