Class Six, Lesson Ten: Remedies: Modern and Traditional

Lesson Ten: Remedies: Modern and Traditional


Main Words Similar Words
Change Alteration, modification, verification
Attitude Outlook, approach, arrogance
Natural Usual, normal, acceptable, ordinary
Cure Treatment, remedy, medicine, therapy
Different Dissimilar, unlike, unalike, changed
Age Time, period, era, stage
Ancient Antique, early, olden
System Structure, method, organism 
Practice Repetition, rehearsal, exercise, training
Minor Slight, negligible, unimportant
Burn Injury, hurt, scorch
Ointment Balm, cream, lotion, gel 
Same Similar, alike, matching, equal
Rural Pastoral, country, rustic, countryside
Instinctively Unconsciously, automatically
Problem Difficult, tricky, unruly 
Experience Capability, knowledge, familiarity, skill
Get Acquire, become, catch, develop
Easy Cool, relaxed, calm, informal



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