Class Six, Lesson Four: Congratulations! Well done!

                                        Lesson Four: Congratulations! Well done! 


      Main Words Similar Words
Often Frequently, regularly, habitually
Use Apply, custom, utilize, operate
Expression Look, appearance, feelings, face
Conversation Chat, talk, discussion, dialogue, exchange
Different Dissimilar, altered, changed, alike, unalike
Respond Reply, answer, return, react, rejoin
Good Noble, virtuous, moral
Bad Evil, corrupt, immoral
Parent Parental, father, mother, paternal, maternal
Live Stay, dwell, abide, reside, inhabit
Town Urban, city, municipal, metropolis
Talk Conversation, discuss, discourse, exchange, chat
Result Outcome, effect, consequence
Proud Delighted, satisfied, pleased, glad, gratified, honored
Go Leave, drive, departure, exit
Singer Vocalist, songster
Popular Famous, common, standard, general
Young Fresh, beginning, new, early
Hear  Receive, catch, concentrate, listen, attend
Tell Express, say, voice, utter, speak, pronounce
Happy Pleased, glad, joyful, cheerful
Student Scholar, pupil, learner, schoolchild, undergraduate 
Competition Race, struggle, opposition
Marvelous Wonderful, excellent, amazing
Discuss Argue, discourse, chat, explain, debate, converse
Practice Repetition, rehearsal, exercise, training
Hear Perceive, overhear, concentrate, get, receive
Come Originate, derive, attend, visit, arise
Feel Touch, sensation, impression, sense
Right Correct, true, accurate, exact, real
Quiet Silent, noiseless, soundless
Dear Beloved, loved, cherished, precious
Know Distinguish, identified, recognize, understand
Think Consider, meditate 
Select Choose, take, elect
Partner Mate, companion, colleague, friend, comrade
Situation Condition, state, position


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