Christopher Marlowe as a Dramatist

Discuss Christopher Marlowe as a Dramatist. 

Christopher Marlowe, a member of ‘University wits’ was born in 1564 at the town of Canterbury in England in a poor family. He had made very important and revolutionary contributions to English drama. He created genuine ‘blank verse’ and raised the subject matter of English drama to the height level.  

It is Marlowe who wrote the first English romantic tragedy. His first great English romantic tragedy was “Tamburlaine the Great” which had two parts each of five acts.

He was the founder of mighty line that gave a permanent stamp and lasting impetus (motions, drives) to English Romantic Drama.

“The Jew of Malta” was his second tragedy that shows a remarkable advance over Tamburlaine and Doctor Faustus in the knitting (weaving/joining) together of cause and effect.

“Edward II” was the best exhibits and its author’s skill as a playwright and was the first Elizabethan historical drama. Each of these plays represents what may be called the one-man type of tragedy.

Besides, Marlowe showed an admirable capacity for character portrayal. The characters in his plays were not puppets influenced by strings but living and breathing realities. He made his audiences feel the fierce (violent) exaltation (excitement) of the conqueror.

Furthermore, he gave to English Drama a unity which had not possessed before. He wrote the plays in which there was a regular development of the plot. Obviously he did not attain (achieve, acquire) perfection in this respect but he did register a considerable improvement on previous work.

Marlowe also discovered the immerse possibilities of blank verse. He rejected the rhyming lines which had been employed by his predecessors and he established blank verse as the most appropriate medium for the writing of plays. Blank verse had certainly been used before him but he imposed up on it; and enriched it. He mixed the rhythmic pauses, made the metre shit.

Marlowe may truly be regarded as the greatest of Shakespeare’s predecessors in the field drama. He made the base of drama. According to his basis Shakespeare and other dramatists developed their drama gained much popularly.

Many people think that his dramatic construction is faulty because he created no heroine in his plays.

His achievement may be summed up this:

a. He glorified the matter of the drama. This is seen in his choice of subjects.

b. He vitalized (encouraged) the manner and matter of the drama. This is seen in his characterization.

c. He clarified and gave coherences to the drama. This is seen in his verse.

So, he has been called the father of English dramatic poetry and English drama.


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