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Model Test on Preposition 01

Preposition Model Test 01 1. In my childhood I had a close relation (a) — the river Dhaleswari. It was then a river (b) — great importance. The village of my maternal grandfather was (c) — the bank of this river. When I had been there, I always bathed (d) — this river. Alas! I do …

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Vocabulary Test

01. investigate, mix, punish, draw, sell, direct, catch.  The issue of food adulteration (a)—the attention of the general public at present. There is hardly any food in our country that is not adulterated in one way or another. Substandard foods (b)—in most of the hotels. Very recently government (c)—the mobile court to (d)—into the horrible …

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Vocabulary Test (Set-07)

01. Identity, pioneer, leader, Man, than, went, combining, student, remember, now, know, then, Design, concept. Hamidur Rahman was the (a) —who gave shape to the (b) — and design of the Shaheed Minar, by (c) — all the aspirations of Bengali (d) — and nationalism. He was the first art (e) — of Bangladesh who in …

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