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English first paper for j.s.c exam

English first paper for j.s.c exam
Unit 1 :lesson 2
Key word : Quilt ,artistic, commercially,traditionally, demand,pattern,
Ans the following question:
1.What do you see in the picture?
Ans: In the picture , I see a piece of cloth.
2. What is it called?
Ans: It is called Nakshi Kantha.
3. Have you seen it before ? Where?
Ans: Yes, I have seen it before at my friend’s house.
4. What do we do with it ?
Ans: We use nakshi kantha as our bed covers, table cloth and quilt

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Adolescence Paragraph


Adolescence is the period in human growth and development that occurs after childhood and before adulthood. This period lasts from twelve or thirteen to nineteen. However, the duration and defining characteristics of this period may vary across time, cultures, and socio-economic situations. It is one of the most critical transitions in one’s life span. The time of adolescence is a period of preparation for adulthood Read More

Practice Sheet of Pronoun References for HSC Students

Identify the unclear pronoun references in the following paragraph. Where necessary, rewrite the sentences so that all pronoun references are clear.

1. Life is full of struggles. These are quite normal in any one’s life as it is not a bed of roses. Certainly, it has ups and downs. A man has to face innumerable barriers in his life. Sometimes, he can overcome those but sometimes he fails to combat them. He may be born with silver spoon without any trouble. But even then he has to overcome a lot of such to be successful in life. In other words, life is full of challenges. If he cannot fight them successfully, his life becomes full of sorrows. Though the scholars differ in giving the definition of life, they are unanimous that obstacles are the ways of life. In fact, a man has to undergo many in his life. Read More

Moral Degradation of Young Generation Paragraph

               Moral Degradation of Young Generation

At present Moral Degradation of young generation is a great concern for the whole world. Generally, morality means honesty of character, fairness in attitude, absence of evils like hatred, jealously, greed, telling lies, etc. It plays a vital role in our day to day life. However, these moral values are slowly diminishing over the years, as most of the younger generations are gradually disregarding these ethics. In the past, moral values and graciousness were prominent in most teenagers. Majority of the youths then learnt respect, courtesy, consideration, decency, propriety, honesty and righteousness from a young age. But today most of our young generations spend more time on their phone, gossiping, operating Facebook

Teaching as a Profession

Teaching as a Profession

Actually teaching is more than a profession because it’s always a challenging and is the specialized application of knowledge, skills and attributes designed to provide unique service to meet the educational needs of the individual and of society. The choice of learning activities whereby the goals of education are realized in the school is the responsibility of the teaching profession. In this profession as a professional, I have to maintain many duties and responsibilities. I am always sincere about dress code, manner, behavior and subject knowledge. Similarly, I have to be updated in all the times because students like to get update information. I always enjoy teaching very much because it is the only profession where a person can directly involve himself with education and he can gather newly information and thus he can keep him updated. It is also a very tough profession because a teacher has to manage all the students and fulfill their knowledge of thirst and interests. In the same way, the teacher has to be so much patience. It is also a boring work to check the exam scripts. But it is a matter of great regret that in our society a teacher is always ill-paid. That’s why meritorious students never want to take teaching as a profession.

Sample English Question for JSC Examination

Sample question for JSC examination
Full Marks : 100
Time : 3 hours
Subject: English

A :Seen part Read More

A Composition on ‘Female Education’

Female Education
Education is a light to which everybody has the equal right . God has created both man and woman equally . He has drawn no distinct distinction between man and woman . Woman constitute half of our population . No development is possible without full participation of woman . So education is a must for both man and woman .

A short composition on ‘Digital Bangladesh’

Digital Bangladesh

At present ‘Digital Bangladesh ‘ is the most commonly used words in politics ,media,among the intellectual and the civil societies of Bangladesh . It is a new concept and new dream. The elections manifesto of 2008 of Awami League promises that our country will be developed into Digital Bangladesh by 2021 through information technology in order to established good governance . Read More

Model Question For HSC Exam

Read the passage and answer following question

Nelson Mandela
15 December 2013
(Reuters)- Nelson Mandela guided South Africa from the shackles of apartheid to a multi-racial democracy , as an icon of peace and reconciliation who came to embody the struggle for justice around the world the world . Read More