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A Lion and an Ant

          A Small Creature Saves the Life of a Lion

Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest. One day the lion was sleeping in its den. Suddenly a mouse came here. It did not notice the sleeping lion. It was running about and playing happily. By chance it ran over the face of the lion. It awoke the lion and at this the lion grew very angry. At this the lion became angry and started roaring with great anger.

The Grapes are Sour

                                              The Grapes are Sour

One day a fox was very hungry. It was looking for food. All on a sudden it came across a vineyard. It saw that ripe grapes were hanging from branches. They were at quite high from the ground. The fox jumped over again and again but failed to reach there. Then he began to repeat. Gradually, he became more hungry and thirsty. He became weak and felt unhappy because after trying hard he failed to eat the grapes. The fox could not satisfy its desire to taste the delicious grapes. He gave up trying, and walked away with an air of dignity and tried to console him saying that, “The grapes are sour and harmful for the health.” So, we should be contented what we have and what we can get easily.    Read More

You are Inevitable Part of My Life.

        Every relation is based on Trust and respect, even if that relation is for short duration or without having any name. A little step towards misunderstanding can bring the gulf of thousands of miles between the hearts.You don’t know you are inevitable part of my life. I don’t think anything without you. How can I forget you? Long time why you are silent? I don’t know what is the cause? Up to now I pursuit your momentous advise. Now and then I miss your radical idea. I guess now you should do something better than before. Go ahead you will be achieving your goal and will regenerate in future. But enormousness never cannot give mental peace & happiness.

My True Love

         Love is a beautiful thing! It does not matter who or what you love, if you love it, it’s beautiful. What do I love? I love my life, because even though I go through hard times, this is the life God gave to me and I have to make the best of the good and the bad. “Love; is it a gift or a curse? Many people say, love does not exist! Love is a sorrow! Love is fake! Love is made up of people, and love just makes people hurt!” But what love really is? I’m not a god to answer this question, and I’m also not a philosopher to know the ideology behind the emotion called love; but the one thing I know is that LOVE is true and divine. I imagine, every person has different feelings about love.