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Exclusive suggestion for J.S.C Exam 2017

Exclusive suggestion for J.S.C Exam 2017
English 1st paper
For Question No 1,2,3 : seen passage
Unit 1: L-5(B), unit 3: L 1(b) , unit 3: L 6 (b), L 3(a), L 8(B),Unit 5:L3(B), L (5), Unit 6: L 1(B), Unit 6: L 1(B), L6(C),L 9(C+F), Unit 7: L4(B), 2(B), Unit 8: L 1(B), L 3(B),L5(B), Unit 9: L-4(B), L6(B),
For question No 4 and 5 : Unseen passage (marks 10) : All board questions (2014-2016 )
For question 6 : all board question
For question no 7: all board question
For question no 8: all board question
For question no 9: all board question

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The Honesty of a Woodcutter

The Honesty of a Woodcutter

There lived a woodcutter in a village. One day he was cutting wood near a river. Suddenly, his axe fell into the river. The river was very deep, the woodcutter did not know how to swim or dive. Therefore, he was sitting there sadly. Then a wonderful thing happened. A beautiful fairy appeared before the woodcutter. Read More

A Story about Snow White and the Greedy Queen

       Snow White and the Greedy Queen

Snow White was the daughter of a king. She lost her mother at the time of her birth and her father married a lady who was the most beautiful woman in the land. One day, the King left his land to fight against a great evil but he never returned. So, the Queen ruled the kingdom and she kept Snow White with her in

A Story about an Old Farmer and his Three Lazy Sons

                       An Old Farmer and his Three Lazy Sons

There was a rich farmer and old who had worked hard all his life. But now, he had grown old and was ailing. He had three young sons who were very lazy and they did not want to do any work. So, the farmer was very anxious about the future of his sons. He wanted to be sure that after his death, his sons would give Read More

A Story about Look Before You Leap

                             Look before you leap

Once there as a crocodile who had four children. The crocodile wanted to teach her children. So, she went to fox and asked him if could teach her children. The fox gladly received the offer. So, the crocodile left her all children with the fox went back to the river. The fox liked to eat crocodile’s kids very much.

A Short Story about King Lear

                                      King Lear

Once there was a king named Lear. He was old and feeble. So, he decided to divide his kingdom among his daughters. But first he wanted to test them. So, he called his daughters and asked them one after another how much they loved him. At first the eldest daughter, Goneril said, “Sir, I love you more than my life itself.” The king was satisfied with her. Then he turned to the second daughter Rigan.

Wisdom of king Solomon

                     Wisdom of King Solomon

Everyone has heard of King Solomon. The king of Jews was famous all over the world for his wealth and wisdom. The queen of Sheba heard much about Solomon and the worldwide wide reputation of his learning and wisdom. Attracted by such reports, she decided to test the king’s wisdom.

Haji Mohammad Moshin and The Thief

                 The greatness of Haji Mohammad Moshin

One night Haji Mohammad was saying his paper in his dark room. It was midnight. The room was quite silent. Moshin was in deep meditation of Allah. At that time a thief broke into his room. He caught hold of the thief. Read More

A Short Story about Andrcles and the Lion

                  Andrcles and a Lion

Once upon a time, there lived a slave named Andrcles who was being tortured by his master. To get rid of from this hard punishment and difficulty, one day he ran away from his master and hid himself in the forest. He wandered there for a long time. Then he entered in a cave and after a few moments he just heard a lion near him groaning and roaring terribly.

Devotion to Mother

Devotion to Mother

    From the very boyhood Bayazid Bostarni was very helpful to his mother. He was also very obedient. An interesting event took place one night. He was studying in his room. His mother was sleeping nearby. At midnight, while he was reading, he heard his mother saying, ‘water’, ‘water’. Bayazid took a glass and went to the jar lying in the corner of the house. But alas! There was no water in the jar.