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An Application for Organizing a Literary Club

An Application for Organizing a Literary Club

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An Application for Setting up a Computer Club

Write an application to the headmaster for setting up a computer club.

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An Application about Help from the Poor Fund

29 January, 2015

The headmaster, Read More

A Composition about My Favorite Hobby

                             My Favorite Hobby


Hobby is an interesting quest other than one’s main occupation. It is usually followed during leisure. It does not bring money but it brings immense pleasures and joys to us. It is necessary to make our life enjoyable and cheerful. Without it life becomes dull and monotonous. Read More

Right Form of Verbs for HSC 2015

Right Forms of Verbs (All Boards)

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A Paragraph about a Rickshaw Puller


The man who pulls rickshaw for money is a rickshaw puller. A rickshaw puller is quite familiar in cities and towns. He lives in a slum. His dress is very shabby. His income is very poor. He supports his family through much hardship.

A Paragraph about A Street Hawker

                                A Street Hawker

The man who hawks many things on the road, near bus stand, railway station, bazaar etc. is called a street hawker. Generally a street hawker deals in various things. He carries his materials on head and sometimes in hand and sometimes in a small handicraft. He generally buys his goods at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. A street hawker has some extra techniques to convince his customers because he is very cunning and he knows his business very well.

A Paragraph about Poverty


Generally poverty indicates the situation in which man cannot enjoy the basic needs of life. It is a great issue, not only in the country Bangladesh, but also in many countries around. Everyday thousands of people are finding themselves well below the poverty line. Many people are starving to death and many people are not even having a place to rest their heads each night.


Re-arrange the following sentences according to sequence and rewrite them in a paragraph.

a) He slept for two days.
b) Finally the storm was over and the waves calmed down. c) On the way a violent storm wrecked the ship.

d) He swam in the rough seas for hours, fighting bravely against the wind and the waves.
e) There were no people or house near the beach. Read More

A Paragraph about The Importance of Games and Sports

                                     The Importance of Games and Sports

Sports and games have great importance in both individual and collective life; because they keep the body fit and active and refresh the mind. Similarly, they offer us a change from the monotony of our daily life. Generally, it is a useful means of entertainment and physical activity. Read More