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Cadet college admission text preparation (Class six)

Cadet college admission text preparation (Class six)
Subject: English 2nd paper

1.What is verb ?
2.There can be no sentence without _____?
Ans: verb
3.what is the most important word in a sentence ?
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S.S.C Examination Suggestion- 2018

An Exclusive Suggestion For ssC Examination- 2018

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A Paragraph on Sound Pollution

                                     Sound Pollution

When the vibration of sound is at a tolerable and pleasant level, it is called simply sound . But when it is sharp and harsh to ears, it becomes sound pollution. There are many causes of sound pollution. It is caused from noisy and intolerable sound of horns of vehicles , miking, music , diesel truck, motorcycle alarm clock, television etc. The growth of unbar population causes sound pollution. Many problems are caused by sound pollution. Generally it causes aggression and damages hearing . It also causes high blood pressure, lack of concentration , environmental pollution etc. Thus sound pollution creates problem in our normal life. Factory work, truck driving, and primary school teaching etc. are considered to be noisest occupations. To minimize sound pollution, we have to build mills and factory far away from locality. Besides, proper implemention of laws and proper steps of government can reduce sound pollution.

Robert Brush and the Spider

                         Robert Brush and the Spider

Once there was a king named Robert Bruce who lived in Scotland. He was a great warrior and so he fought many battles and won them. But once he was badly defeated. He ran away from the battle field to save his life and took shelter in a cave where he hid himself.

English Model Test for 2016

                   S.S.C. Model Test 2016 (2)

                      Subject: English First and Second Paper

Time: 40 Minutes                                                                                                              Marks: 35

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English Grammar Test

Choose the correct answers from the following sentences.

1. Choose a sentence with the right order. Read More

A Composition on Population Problem in Bangladesh

Population Problem in Bangladesh

Population problem is the main problem of Bangladesh. It is a small country of 1,47,570 square kilometres. But the density of population is about 876 per square kilometre. It is one of the biggest figures in the world. Moreover about two million new babies are born every year. Read More

A Composition about The Game I Like Most

 The Game I Like Most

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A Story about Snow White and the Greedy Queen

       Snow White and the Greedy Queen

Snow White was the daughter of a king. She lost her mother at the time of her birth and her father married a lady who was the most beautiful woman in the land. One day, the King left his land to fight against a great evil but he never returned. So, the Queen ruled the kingdom and she kept Snow White with her in

A letter about spending the winter vacation

Write a letter to your friend asking him to spend the winter vacation.

35 B, Bashabo

Dhaka 1214
Date:26 March ,2016
Dear Joy, Read More