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a letter to your friend who has been ill for some days

Write a letter to your friend who has been ill for some days.

25 May, 2013. Read More

a fire accident

Write a letter to your friend describing a fire accident which you have witnessed.

25 May, 2013. Read More

a letter about a train journey

Write a letter to your friend about a train/bus journey you have made recently. 

25 May, 2013. Read More

Your Favorite Sports

                                           Your Favorite Sports

    Everybody has favorite sports of his/her own. It may be cricket, football, badminton etc. Like others I have also a favorite game. It’s football. Now-a-days it is an international game and is played all over the world. It becomes popular to the spectators. Read More

A dialogue about the way of the nearest bus stoppage

You want to know the way to a bus stoppage/railway station/post office/airport/library/school/mosque from other.  

Myself:          Excuse me, would you help me please? Read More

A Paragraph about My Home Town

  My Home Town

The name of my home town is Kishoreganj. It is a district headquarter and is only 145 kilometers north-east of Dhaka. The name ‘Kishoreganj’ came from the name of an old landlord known as Brojakishore Pramanik or Nandakishore Pramanik. There are 8 towns, 13 upazilas, 110 unions and 1794 villages in this district. The area of Kishoreganj town is 19.57 square kilometer. Read More

Important Opposite Words for P.S.C. Candidates

          Most  Important Opposite Words from Their Text Book 

  Read More

Important Similar Wards for P.S.C. Candidates

        Most Important Similar Words From Their Text Book 

  Read More

Table for PSC 2012

Or, Making sentences from substitution table:              1 ´ 5 =5

1.             Make five sentences from the table given below. Read More

Similar words and Opposite Words for PSC 2012

Match the words in Column A with their similar/meaning in Column B:   1 x 5 =5

Similar words: Afraid, Ago, Ahead, Annual, Assistant, Attractive, Beautiful, Believe, Celebrated, Clear, Common, Condition, Construct, Curious, Customer, Doctor, Finish, Fun, Hope, Ill, Independent, Instructions, Kindness, Large, Lazy, Medicine, Notice, Pain, Pet, Proceed, Quick, Really, Reply, Sad, Silent, Sorrow, Start, Worry, Varieties, Understand, Tremble, Weak, Return, Save, Riddle, Help, Mistake, Hurry, Say, Under. Read More