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English Model Test for PEC 2014

                                 Model Test for PEC

                                                                               Subject: English

Time: 2:30 hours                                                                                                                    Full Marks:  100

                                                                                                                             Set – A Read More

A Paragraph about The Liberation War Museum

                                     The Liberation War Museum 

The Liberation War Museum is situated at Segunbagicha in Dhaka. Generally, it commemorates the Bangladesh Liberation War which led to the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan.  It was established on 22nd March 1996 and it has more than 10,000 artifacts. It exhibits on display in the museum or stored in its archives.

A Dialogue about Answering a Question

A dialogue between you and your father about answering a question 

Myself:    Good morning, father. How are you? Read More

A Dialogue about Opening the Door

A dialogue between you and an unknown person about opening your door

Stranger:  Excuse me! Would you please open the door? Read More

A Paragraph about Calendar


Calendar is not a new idea, as people have been using them in their rooms for years. However, the way a learner can use it may be a little different. Before learning how to use a calendar, a learner has to know the name of the month and week.

A Letter about your school

Write a letter to your friend informing him/her about your school.

 My dear Sahed,

At first take my heartiest felicitation and sincerely love. I hope you are well by grace of Almighty Allah. Yesterday I received your letter. In the letter, you have wanted to know about my school. Now I am telling about my school. Read More

Exclusive Suggestion for PEC 2013

Final Suggestion for PEC Candidates 2013

                       Subject: English

Seen Comprehension Based on EFT:

  1. Saikat’s Family
  2. Leisure Time
  3. Food Pyramid
  4. A Firefighter
  5. My Home Town

A Composition about Food Habit

                                Food Habit

For living happily and keep to be fit everybody has to eat. The food which we usually eat in every meal in our daily life is called food habit. Generally, it differs from nation to nation, society to society, person to person and generation to generation.

A Paragraph about Earthquake


An earthquake is a natural calamity. It is the result of sudden release of energy that creates seismic waves. It causes much havoc to our life and wealth. Earthquake is measured with a seismometer. The surface area where the quake occurs undergoes serious changes. Buildings collapse and crumble within seconds. Those who are trapped are crushed to death.

Model Test for PEC Exam 2013

         Final Model Test for PEC Exam 2013


Time: 2:30 Hours                                                                     Full Marks: 100 Read More