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The Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi: the smallest PC

#What is The Raspberry Pi? Read More


Voice change
91.Mother showed me a picture.=I was shown a picture by mother.
92.I have to do it.= It has been to be done by me.
93. All his pupils like him.= He is liked by all his pupils.
94.The motor car ran over the dog.= The dog was run over by the motor.
95. I know that the work is hard.= It is known to me that the work is hard.
96. He made me drive his car.= I was made by him drive his car.
97. Fortune favours the brave.= The brave are favoured with fortune.
98. I will do my duty.=
My duty will be done by me.
99. She is weaving a sari.= A sari is being weaved by her.
100. You should have done it.= It should have been done by you.
101. They are going to start a business.= A business is going to be started by them.
102.We know that the earth is round.= It is known to us that the earth is round.
103.Everyone knows him to be an honest man.= He is known to be an honest man to everyone.
104.His behaviour annoys me sometimes.= I am sometimes annoyed at his behaviour.
105. Nobody knows him there.= He is known to none there.
106. Post the letter.=
Let the letter be posted.
107. Shut the door.= Let the door be shut.
108.Tell him to go.= Let him be told to go.
109.Let them call in a doctor . = Let them be called in a doctor.
110.Do not make a noise.= Let not a noise be made.
111. Ring the bell.= Let the bell be rung.
112. Bring the book.=
Let the book be brought.
113. Please help me.= Let me be helped , please.
114. Take care of your health.= Let your health be taken care of.
115. Look after your parents.= Let your parents be looked after.
116. Pluck me a flower.= Let a flower be plucked for me.
117. Buy a shirt for me.= Let a shirt be bought for me.
118. Do’nt ask me the question.= Let not the question be asked me.
119. Choose the best answer.= Let the best answer be choosen.
120. Do’nt play football at noon.= Let not football be played at noon.
121. I have read her letter.= Her letter has been read by me.

122. He can understand the problems.= The problems can be understood by him. Read More

Difference between LAN and WAN

Difference between LAN and WAN

Definition: LAN is a computer network that covers a small geographic area, like a home, office, school or group of buildings. Again, WAN is a computer network that covers a broad area like any network whose communications links cross metropolitan, regional or national boundaries over a long distance.  

Ownership: LAN is typically owned, controlled and managed by a single person or organization. Read More

Information System and Information Technology

Information System: Information system is the combination of some equipment in computer like- hardware, software, databases, network technologies, and people etc. which help to create, store, manipulate or disseminate information is called information system.

4 G Network

Wireless broadband technology is now in motion to provide higher data rate, wider coverage and improved mobility. We are now at the verge of highs speed mobile internet with nationwide coverage; all made possible by 4G. Let’s take a peek at what is already offered and expected from 4G.

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Advantages of 3G

 3G internet has not only made your mobile handset better equipped but your PC or laptop also. 3G Data Cards or 3G USB Modems have been launched by most of the leading Internet Service Providers. You just need to plug in your 3G modem into the USB slot, and access internet on your computer at lightning speed. 

Advantages of 3G

  3G technology is basically all about speed and high data transfer rate. All the things that you could earlier do on your internet enabled phone, you can do all those now at a faster speed. Read More

Computer and its Parts

What is Computer? Parts of a Computer

Computer is an electronic device or machine than can store, organize, calculate, control other machines and find information.  Read More