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FLOOD IN BANGLADESH Bangladesh is a land of river . So, flood visit this country almost every year . It cause great damage to men and property . It is the most dangerous calamity in Bangladesh . The excessive overflow of water carries away houses , uproots tree, plants and damage crops . It is …

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Model Test : 1 9 (Class -7)

Model Test Subject : English 2nd paper Class :7 Part –A : Grammar (Marks: 30) 1. Fill in the blank of the following text with appropriate articles. Put a cross (x) for zero article : . .5×6=3 Lutfur is (a)_ street boy . He is( b) _ orphan . He lives in the street of …

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English 2nd Paper Model Test for HSC 2018

     English 2nd Paper Model Test for HSC 2018                  Part A: Grammar (Marks 60) 1.  Fill in the Blanks in the following text with articles (a/an/the) as necessary. Some of the blanks may not require any article. Put a (×) in those blanks.     0.5×10=05            Mosquito menace is one …

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