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Film Schools & Film Institute in Asia

A list of someĀ Asian film school and film institute   Bangladesh Green university University of liberal arts Bangladesh (ULab) Stamford University       China Beijing Film Academy (Beijing) Beijing Normal University (Beijing) China Academy of Fine Arts – Xiangshan (Hangzhou, Zhejiang) Chongqing University (Chongqing)     Hong kong City University of Hong Kong (Kowloontong, …

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Best Film School in India

Hey guys what’s up. It’s new article about film school of India. In India, There have some world class film school. If you are interest to read Indian film school, you may be admitted a better one. Here have some Indian film school list to help you as an assistant. Indian Best Film School Address: …

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Film & Media studies in Bangladesh

Hey guys this article is about film school of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there have a few film school. In those film school, some school are directly teaches about film & film related subjects & some school teaches film with journalism & other communication subjects. If you are interested to read here about film, you should …

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