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A short composition on ‘Digital Bangladesh’

Digital Bangladesh

At present ‘Digital Bangladesh ‘ is the most commonly used words in politics ,media,among the intellectual and the civil societies of Bangladesh . It is a new concept and new dream. The elections manifesto of 2008 of Awami League promises that our country will be developed into Digital Bangladesh by 2021 through information technology in order to established good governance . Read More

Grammar Test for University Admission Test

Choose a sentence with the right order. a. We don’t often go to the cinema. b. We often don’t go to the cinema. c. We don’t go often to the cinema. 2. Sarah _____ (to cook) delicious food now. a. cooks b. is cooking c. has cooked 3. I was writing a letter while my mother _____ (cook). a. cooked b. was cooking c. had cooked 4. Cookies _____ (make) from milk, eggs and nut. a. are made b. make c. made  5. Students _____ listen to their teachers. a. could b. can c. must.  6. This is Jane’s book. The book is _____. a. her b. hers c. she

English Grammar Test

Choose the correct answers from the following sentences.

1. Choose a sentence with the right order. Read More

Exercise of Articles


That night (a) — Calipha Harun-ar-Rashid went out into (b) — streets and alley-ways of Baghdad in quest of (c) — new adventures. Disguised in (d) — merchant’s attire, he was accompanied by Jafor and others. It so happened that as they were roaming about (e) — city, they passed by (f) — house of (g) — three girls and heard (h) — sound of (i) — music and voices singing, Al-Rashid said to Jafor, “Would that we could enter this house so that we may listen to (j) — singers and find out who they are?” Read More

Transformation of Sentence

                     Transformation of Sentence

Assertive Sentence to Imperative Sentence

No Assertive Sentence Imperative Sentence
01. Subject (You) + verb + other words.  Verb + other words.

  Read More

Narration with Examples


without – object second person = first person or third person
RV: subject (1st person) + verb + (no object) second person = third person

Read More

Voice Change

                                                                 Voice Change

1. They searched his house and found a number of stolen articles. 2. People say that the lion is the king of beast. 3. The truck ran over the boy. The boy was run over by the truck. 4. They laughed at the old man. 5. I saw a saw to saw a saw with a saw. 6. I can can a can. 7. I have no time to do the work. 8. He wants someone to take the photographs. 9. I want him to write the letter. 10. The manager urged the supervisor to reduce the rates. 11. He decided to sell the house. 12. He suggested giving up smoking. 13. He made me to do the work.

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Exercise of Transformation of Sentence


1. I would as soon die as injure you. (Comparative)

2. He is as intimate to me as to you. (Comparative) Read More

Transformation of Sentence


NB: Identify the sentence type & transform into the remaining two

Though he was learned, he did not get a good job. Read More

Exercises of Prefix and Suffix

Complete the text adding suffixes and prefixes or the both with the root words.

1. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) is the last prophet of Allah and the (a) lead of all prophets. He is the greatest of men and (b) teach ever born on the earth. Before his birth Arabia was steeped in (c) dark, ignorance and superstition. The Arabs were ignorant and wicked and they led (d) beast lives. Read More