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Exclusive suggestion for J.S.C Exam 2017

Exclusive suggestion for J.S.C Exam 2017
English 1st paper
For Question No 1,2,3 : seen passage
Unit 1: L-5(B), unit 3: L 1(b) , unit 3: L 6 (b), L 3(a), L 8(B),Unit 5:L3(B), L (5), Unit 6: L 1(B), Unit 6: L 1(B), L6(C),L 9(C+F), Unit 7: L4(B), 2(B), Unit 8: L 1(B), L 3(B),L5(B), Unit 9: L-4(B), L6(B),
For question No 4 and 5 : Unseen passage (marks 10) : All board questions (2014-2016 )
For question 6 : all board question
For question no 7: all board question
For question no 8: all board question
For question no 9: all board question

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The Importance of Creative Writing


The term paper is about “The Importance of Creative Writing”. It is designed with various perspectives and all of them are designed gradually. Firstly, it shows the definition of writing and creative writing, then purpose of writing, benefits of writing, tools and materials of writing, writing method, teaching method, how to begin creative writing etc. The purpose of this paper is to show the real feature of creative writing and why it is very important for the learners, how it helps them in their practical and professional life. Read More

A short composition on ‘Your aim in life’.

My aim in life:  Every man has an aim in life. A man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. A fixed aim helps a man in life.

Many men have many minds. Some want to earn money, some want to earn fame, some want to acquire knowledge, some want to be a teacher, some want be a doctor and so on. It depends on the individual taste. Read More

The Dawn

                                         The Dawn

The world is an excellent gift of nature. Every moment of the situation it is changing and the scenery which makes the world more attractive and enjoyable is not forgettable. Dawn is the most enjoyable scene of the nature which has been gifted as the part of the heaven.  Generally, after the prayer to the time of rising sun is considered as dawn. Read More

Human Nature

The world is designed with different types of creations; and human being is the best creation of Creator because of their proper knowledge of the separation between good and evil. All the creations are talented only for the benefit of the human. Before creating the human being the world was totally empty. After revolution, gradually different generation came and they created different eras. All the eras were not the equal with one another.  


Bangladesh is a land of river and also famous for various gifts of nature. It is enriched with various natural and man-made foods. Fruit is one of the appreciated natural gifts. Read More



Poppy is an excellent flower which is a member of flowering plants. The tree of poppy and its flower look very charming. It smells sweet and grows well in the plenty field. The plant of golden poppy has Fern-like leaves and it has single flowers on a long stalk. The leaves of poppy are about 3/4-4″ and they are divided into narrow parts on long stalks. Several time poppies are used for symbolic reasons.

My True Love

         Love is a beautiful thing! It does not matter who or what you love, if you love it, it’s beautiful. What do I love? I love my life, because even though I go through hard times, this is the life God gave to me and I have to make the best of the good and the bad. “Love; is it a gift or a curse? Many people say, love does not exist! Love is a sorrow! Love is fake! Love is made up of people, and love just makes people hurt!” But what love really is? I’m not a god to answer this question, and I’m also not a philosopher to know the ideology behind the emotion called love; but the one thing I know is that LOVE is true and divine. I imagine, every person has different feelings about love.

That is the first letter he did not read in his Gulf life.

Dear Father & mother :
Today I am completed 5 years in the Gulf. I am decided to come at home next month. Within this 5 years, I have zero balance apart from clear out my visa expenses and availed one vacation before. Upon this vacation, I don’t like to return Gulf. I have sound health to do any manual job at home country. Let me know your suggestion, Yours loving son .

Dear son, father writing : Received your letter and very happy to know about your vacation. Rest will continue your mother. Dear son, Do you know about the condition of our house? Rainy season, Nobody can to stay inside the house. Repair and maintenance is very expensive with this old wooden items, All are suggesting to prefer a concrete house. Without home, do you know, there is no alternative. If you decided to stop Gulf, can you do this with your limited income?. I am just reminding this, you can decide what you like. Yours loving mother. Read More

Be a Good Speaker

Eye contact :-You can look above the people’s head because it looks like your looking right at them, but your really not! Don’t over do it because then you’ll look like your nodding your head, or you’ll get major whiplash.

Have a point and stick to it.:-In some settings you must speak on a certain subject. Even in casual conversation, though, it is important to focus on a limited set of related ideas. If you drift from one tangentially related idea to the next your speech becomes a sort of bad poetry or misplaced filibuster that may quickly bore the listener. Read More