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A Short Composition about My Homeland

                                                         My Country

        The name of our country is Bangladesh. It is situated in the south Asia. Its land area is 147570 square kilometres with a large number of populations. It became independence on 16th December 1971 from Pakistan. Dhaka is the capital of this country. Read More

The last scene of ‘Doctor Faustus’

Discuss the last scene of ‘Doctor Faustus’.

‘The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus’ is the greatest play of Christopher Marlowe where the last scene of this play especially the tragical death of Doctor Faustus and the last tragical feelings, things and speeches of Doctor Faustus makes the audience hopeless and sad. Read More

Christopher Marlowe as a Dramatist

Discuss Christopher Marlowe as a Dramatist. 

Christopher Marlowe, a member of ‘University wits’ was born in 1564 at the town of Canterbury in England in a poor family. He had made very important and revolutionary contributions to English drama. He created genuine ‘blank verse’ and raised the subject matter of English drama to the height level.   Read More

Characteristics of Dr. Faustus

Discussion about the Characteristics of Dr. Faustus 

Doctor Faustus is a great play of Christopher Marlowe. In this play Doctor Faustus is the main character and he plays an important role to modify the play. In the last scene of this play the tragic death of Faustus makes the audiences more hopeless and much sad. Read More