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Social Picture of Victorian Society in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations

Q. Discuss about the social picture of Victorian society in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.

Great Expectations exposes about Dickens’s dark attitudes toward Victorian society. In this novel he has discussed about Victorian society’s natural class structure, fault of judicial system, distinction between rural and urban England and immorality of high class. Read More

Use of Irony in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectation

Great Expectations is possibly considered as the best work of Charles Dickens because of the diverse themes displayed which modulate as the story progresses. In this novel Dickens has used many different ironies in great Expectations to create uncertainty and conflict between Pip and the others gave the novel flavor.

Dickens has used Irony at two levels.  First, he uses it as a tool for the moral and spiritual education of the characters, and secondly, he uses it to provide amazements for the reader.  Read More

Great Expectation is a Story or Novel of a Boy’s Pilgrimage

Discuss, Great Expectation is a story or novel of a boy’s pilgrimage to the heart of a narrow minded daughter.

     It is well known to us that Charles Dickens is a great writer of 19th Century Fiction. He has created many creations and Great Expectation is one of the best and most successful novels. In this novel Pip is the narrator and he is also the protagonist. After observing the novel subtly we can decide that Pip is a pilgrimage but there is a little different between a real pilgrimage and Pip. Read More

Charles Dickens concept of Gentleman in Great Expectation

Discuss about Charles Dickens concept of Gentleman in Great Expectation.

Great Expectation is a great creation of Charles Dickens. Here, he has wanted to represent various aspects of life and the problems that antagonize us in everyday life. The author has drawn about the course of the natural character of love and after a series of faults it concluded into marriage. Read More