Cadet college admission test preparation (Class six)

Cadet college admission exam preparation (Class six)
Subject: English 1st paper

Answer the following question : (Lesson -15)
a.Who was sitting beside a river ?
b.what did the king decide ?
c.who was wiser ?
d.what did the lion see ?

e.what did the lion feel about his mane ?
f.why was the king desperate ?
g.what did the hyena advise ?
h.what did the zebra suggest the king ?
i.who stared at the snake ?
j.why did the lion roar ?
k.where was the lion sitting ?
l.what did the lion see into the river ?
m.what did the lion think ?
n.what did the lion want ?
o.what would you say to the lion if you were in the place of the snake ?
p.why did he dip his paw into the river ?
q.why was the lion desperate ?
r.who talked about ribbons ?
s.why did the snake raise his head ?
t.why did the king kiss the snake ?
u.what was the lion’s realization ?
v.what do you think is the lesson of the story ?
w.My mane is too old “ what does too mean here ?

Ans. The lion was sitting beside a river .
b.The king decided not to bother about his hairstyle .
c.The snake was wiser .
d.The lion saw his own reflection into the river .
e.The lion felt very old about his mane
f.The king desperate to smooth his hair.
g.The hyena advised to have a paper crown .
h.The zebra suggested the king to flap his mane.
i.The lion stared at the snake .
j.Tthe lion roared because he was the king of jungle .
k.The lion was sitting beside a river.
l.The lion saw his own into the river.
m.Tthe lion thought that his man was too old .
n.The lion wanted to have a new hair style .
o I would say to the lion the similar words that the snake told him if I were in the place of the snake ?
p. He dipped his paw into the river to smooth his hair .
q.The lion was desperate to smooth his hair.
r.The vulture talked about ribbons .
s Seeing the king, . the snake raised his head .
t. The king realized the true meaning of the snake’s answer and the king kissed the snake.
u. the lion realized that if he became wise , it did not matter how his hairstyle was.
v.I think the story teaches us that if a person is wise it does not matter how he looks.
w. Too means `very’ here .

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