Browning’s attitude to art and life

Art ,painting and philosophy of life are the main features in the poetry of Robert Browning. His poetry is also blended with psychological thought. He has given a concrete synthesis of life in it. He gives a creative and constructive line of thinking. He has made a deep philosophy of life rooted in optimism and faith. He has also given us certain and conviction about god,soul, and the future state. A number of critics regards him as a philosophic poet and not an artist. They also regard him as a logician but not a poet. But Chesterton rejects this idea. He says that it is a gross and complete slander upon Browning. Actually , Browning is a great poet of love and man.  He is a famous poet of art and life. His interests in art and life of artists is presented in his poems. He has tried to philosophies life to a great extent. His attitude to art and life becomes clear to us when Hereford finds the relation of art to life and of life to art. In a word ,Browning shows that art is related to life and life is related to art. 

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