Be a Good Speaker

Eye contact :-You can look above the people’s head because it looks like your looking right at them, but your really not! Don’t over do it because then you’ll look like your nodding your head, or you’ll get major whiplash.

Have a point and stick to it.:-In some settings you must speak on a certain subject. Even in casual conversation, though, it is important to focus on a limited set of related ideas. If you drift from one tangentially related idea to the next your speech becomes a sort of bad poetry or misplaced filibuster that may quickly bore the listener.

Speak clearly:-Speaking clearly is the most important part for a speaker.You must speak in order to deliver your idea to the you have to speak clearly.

Adjust your speech for your audience.  If your audience has trouble grasping the concepts you are relating, it may be necessary to speak slowly and offer generally familiar examples.

Avoid using one tone around the speech:- It makes you sound very dry, dull, and boring as a speaker and personality wise. It makes you a much better speaker when you raise your voice a bit here and there. Make it sort of like a debate almost, and it’s on something you really care for that’s really important! Study Martin Luther King. He is one of the most well-known speakers in history. His tone goes up and down.

Never patronize:-When people are treated like idiots or little children they may become hostile and ignore what you’re saying. You sound patronizing when you use sing-song tones in your speech or sigh loudly.

Be interesting:-You must have to have interesting in speaking.

Speak up:- People have to hear what you are saying even if they are sitting in the back row or there is a lot of noise.

Be honest.:-Honesty also very will not think what will be after making speech on a true matter.Remember the story of the boy who cried, “Wolf!”

Organize speech:- If there are several ideas or details related to your main point, speak about each one in a deliberate fashion. If you are trying to convey large amounts of information, you may need to outline what you will say at the outset and then summarize what you’ve said at the conclusion.

Be polite, follow social conventions :- You have to make your speech very politely and according to the social convention.though most of the speaker does not follow this.Obviously you will not follow them.

Using Hand:-Nothing is worse than a speaker with his hands in his pocket or his hands just sitting by his side.


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