Basic Grammar for Cadet college admission preparation

Language: The sound which is used to express a sense is called a language.

Mother Language: The language learnt from mother is called mother language.

Grammar : The book which contains the correct methods of learning language is called Grammar.

English Grammar : The book which contains the correct method of learning English language is called English Language.
Letter: Letter is a symbol usually written or printed representing a speech sound and constituting a unit of an alphabet.

Alphabet : Alphabet is a set of letters used for writing a language . There are 26 Alphabet . They are :1.Capital letter
2.Small letter
According to pronunciation, there are two kinds of alphabet. They are :1.vowels, 2.Consonant
There are five vowels :a,e,I,o,u.
There are 21 consonants :B,C,D,F,G…………………..

Word: If one letter or more than one letter makes a sense is called a word.

Syllable: A syllable is that part of a word that can be pronounced at a time. Cat, sis-ter,Oc-to-ber,U-ni-ver-si-ty etc.
There are four kinds of syllables. They are : 1.Mono syllable, 2. Di Syllable, 3.Tri Syllable, 4.Poly Syllable
You must have to remember that , mono means one, di means two, Tri means three, Poly means four. You also have to remember that every syllable has at least one syllable. You should remember that every syllable is linked with (-)hyphen in a word
Mono syllable: cat,bag,book
Di syllable: Sis-ter,pen-cil
Tri syllable: Oc-to-ber,Um-bre-lla
Poly syllable : U-ni-ver-si-ty

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