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Muhammad mazharul islam, B .A (hons in english), M.A(English) , National university.

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English first paper for j.s.c exam

English first paper for j.s.c exam Unit 1 :lesson 2 Key word : Quilt ,artistic, commercially,traditionally, demand,pattern, Ans the following question: 1.What do you see in the picture? Ans: In the picture , I see a piece of cloth. 2. What is it called? Ans: It is called Nakshi Kantha. 3. Have you seen it …

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Basic Grammar for Cadet college admission preparation

Language: The sound which is used to express a sense is called a language. Mother Language: The language learnt from mother is called mother language. Grammar : The book which contains the correct methods of learning language is called Grammar. English Grammar : The book which contains the correct method of learning English language is …

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Sample English Question for JSC Examination

Sample question for JSC examination Full Marks : 100 Time : 3 hours Subject: English A :Seen part Bangladeshi cuisine is rich and varied with the use of many spices. We have delicious and appetizing food , snacks and sweets .

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A Composition on ‘Female Education’

Female Education Education is a light to which everybody has the equal right . God has created both man and woman equally . He has drawn no distinct distinction between man and woman . Woman constitute half of our population . No development is possible without full participation of woman . So education is a …

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A short composition on ‘Digital Bangladesh’

Digital Bangladesh At present ‘Digital Bangladesh ‘ is the most commonly used words in politics ,media,among the intellectual and the civil societies of Bangladesh . It is a new concept and new dream. The elections manifesto of 2008 of Awami League promises that our country will be developed into Digital Bangladesh by 2021 through information …

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Model Question For HSC Exam

Read the passage and answer following question Nelson Mandela 15 December 2013 (Reuters)- Nelson Mandela guided South Africa from the shackles of apartheid to a multi-racial democracy , as an icon of peace and reconciliation who came to embody the struggle for justice around the world the world .

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Model question for class 7

Probable Sample Question Class : Seven Subject : English Time: 3 Hours Full Marks:100 Part A : Seen part(20) Read the text and answer the question:Zishan , Juli and their parents Mr and Mrs. Arif Khan got into a 1stclass compartment at kamalapur Railway Station . It was Dewangonj bound Tista Express . The train …

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Model Question for class seven

Model Test-1 Subject: English first Paper Class: Seven Full Marks:-100 Time: 3 Hours Listening : 10 Speaking : 10 Section A: Reading(Total Marks:40) 1.. Read the following text and answer the question that follows.

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An Exclusive Suggestion For JSC Examination- 2018

Mazhar”s Technical Suggestion/An Exclusive Suggestion For JSC Examination- 2018 English 1st paper (JSC) For Question No 1,2,3 : seen passage Unit 1: *****L-2(B), ****L-5(B), ***L-3(B)+4(A), L-1(B). UNIT-2:L-(A) Unit 3: ***L -1(B) ,****L-3(A),L-6(B), *L-8(B) Unit 5: ****L-3(B),***L-4(A), ** *L-5(A),L-1(A), L-2(A), L-6(B), L-7(B) Unit 6: ***L- 1(B), **L-2(B), L-3(B), L-4(A), L-5(B), L-(C), L-7(B), L-8(B), L-9(B+C+F). Unit 7: …

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Cadet college admission test preparation (Class six)

Cadet college admission test preparation (Class six) Subject: English 2nd paper 1.What is verb ? Ans: Verb is a word that expresses an action or a state of being . 2.There can be no sentence without _____? Ans: verb 3.What is the most important word in a sentence ? Ans: verb

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