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One Heck of a Hardware Store

Ever since we have been at the Evergreen RV park, we have driven past a nice looking little restaurant located just yards down the road. It never looked open so we sped past it day after day after day. It is called The Bucket of Mt. Eaton Restaurant. Finally, weary of Bob Evans, we decided …

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Present Education System is Responsible for Unemployment

At present unemployment problem is fatal in Bangladesh. Thousands of people are now out of work in our country. Many of the causes are responsible behind this unemployment problem of our young generation. Present education system is mainly responsible for this unemployment problem. we just educate our people in a common sense, that is why they …

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Man is the architect of his own fate

It is true that man is the architect of his own fate. He can achieve what he desires to achieve. It is wrong to think that man’s life on earth is decided by fate. It is not fate but sincere efforts and indomitable courage that would his fate. There may ups and downs but he …

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