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Purpose of a Good Report

Purpose of a report: writing to be read A key thing to keep in mind is that a report is written to be read, by someone else. This is the central goal of report-writing. Before starting writing a report need to have in mind the intended audience. In the narrowest of possibilities, your report is meant for …

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How to Write an Attractive Business Letter

Business letters  writing has only two goals: To make people understand you.      2. To get them to take some action. There are some important tips to write  an attractive letter 1. Write Concisely Some editors estimate that a third of the words in a typical letter are wasted. At every stage of writing your letter, look …

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Tips to Become a Good Writer

If you want to be a good writer put it in your heart and all good things will follow, just try and try until you reach your goal! Never quit and always ask for help of those professionals. Just write! Don’t worry about editing when you’ve started writing. If it sounds weird and awkward the first …

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How to be a Good Writter

 Write a lot every day: You may prefer to write in long or short sessions. Write a short paragraph or an entire page. See which works better for you. Read an old-fashioned book: Regular reading will influence your style, tastes, background, and ideas. It will also help expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar.  Expand your …

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Discourse and Discourse Analysis

What is discourse?  The term “discourse” is defined in a number of different ways. Discourse analysts examine spoken, signed and written language, and may focus on any aspect of linguistic behavior, from the study of particular patterns of pronunciation, through word choice, sentence structure and semantic representation, to the pragmatic analysis of how we organize …

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List of Strong Verbs

A accelerate accept accomplish account for accumulate achieve acknowledge acquire activate adapt add address adjust admit affect agree aid align alleviate allow alter amplify analyze answer anticipate appear apply appreciate approach approximate argue arise ascertain assert assess associate assume attain attract attribute augment avoid    

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