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SSC English 2nd Paper suggestion-2016

CV with Cover letter 1. For a Computer Operator 2. For a Personal Assistant 3. For a Teacher in English 4. For an Assistant marketing Manager 5. For an Office Executive 6. For the position of a Journalist 7. For the position of receptionist 8. For the post of an Auditor 9. For the Post …

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SSC English 1st paper Suggestion

SSC English First Paper Suggestion  Re-arranging 1. Dr. Alfred Nobel 2.A farmer and a purse 3. Kazi Nazrul Islam 4. IBN-E-Batuta 5. Shakespear 6. Somerset Maugham 7. Shiekh Saadi 8.Tareq 9.Pied piper 10. Whale 11.Meena 12. Nepolion 13.Two beggar 14.Abu Ben Adam 15.Mother Teresa 16. A bad man in a village 17.Hatem Tai 18.Zainul …

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S.S.C English First Paper Final Suggestion 2015

S.S.C English 1st paper Suggestions 2015 Reading comprehension (1—3) 1. Most of our students cannot write out ………clear English is not bad. 2. Dowry is a claim ——————————– against humanity. 3. Bangladesh entered —————————————————- types of vehicles. 4. Florence Nightingale……………… 5. Change is the life ——————————– of the world.

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Jsc suggestion 2015

JSC Examination Suggestion – 2015 English 1st Paper Reading test( question no 1,2 and 3) 1. Oxygen and air pressure are ———————————- enjoyable flight. 2. Ethnic people in Bangladesh —————————– in Mymensingh. 3. Nakshi Katha ————————————————————— on them. 4. The word ‘hygiene’ means ——————————————————– 5. Communication of ideas is at ——————————– changed our life. 6. …

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Practice Sheet: Suffix & Prefix for JSC Examination

Practice Sheet: Suffix & Prefix for JSC Examination 1. Fill in the gaps used in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text. Every man does not have the same ability. It differs from man to man. (a)educate can develop one’s ability, but yet the (b) …

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Transitive Verbs Starting with C

Cabin (v. t.) To confine in, or as in, a cabin. Cable (v. t.) To fasten with a cable. Cable (v. t.) To ornament with cabling. See Cabling. Cabob (v. t.) To roast, as a cabob. Cade (v. t.) To bring up or nourish by hand, or with tenderness; to coddle; to tame. Cadence (v. …

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Transitive Verbs Starting with B

Badge (v. t.) To mark or distinguish with a badge. Badger (v. t.) To tease or annoy, as a badger when baited; to worry or irritate persistently. Badger (v. t.) To beat down; to cheapen; to barter; to bargain. Baffle (v. t.) To cause to undergo a disgraceful punishment, as a recreant knight. Baffle (v. …

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Transitive Verbs Starting with A

Abacinate (v. t.) To blind by a red-hot metal plate held before the eyes. Abalienate (v. t.) To transfer the title of from one to another; to alienate. Abalienate (v. t.) To estrange; to withdraw. Abalienate (v. t.) To cause alienation of (mind). Aband (v. t.) To abandon.

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Intransitive Verbs Starting with A

Abdicate (v. i.) To relinquish or renounce a throne, or other high office or dignity. Aberr (v. i.) To wander; to stray. Aberrate (v. i.) To go astray; to diverge. Abhor (v. i.) To shrink back with horror, disgust, or dislike; to be contrary or averse; — with Abide (v. i.) To wait; to pause; …

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Formal and Informal Expression

General greetings (Formal) Hello! How are you? How are you doing? How is everything? How’s everything going? How have you been keeping? I trust that everything is well.

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