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Hill Tracts Chittagong- where is the end of clashes?

  Hill tracts chittagong- one tenth area of our Bangladesh. Several times there are clashed between trival and bengali people because of land and sometimes for power. Recently we have noticed that for a silly fact tribal and bengali students were clashed in Rangamati college. But one thing that we always observed, after any fact- …

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Don’t want another 9/11 in Bangladesh

After watching the trailer of the film- ‘innocence of Muslims’ in YouTube, I couldn’t stay on chair and realize the necessity of a human bond, besides US embassy and  raising voice against their immorality and inhumanity . Undoubtedly ‘Innocence of Muslims’- is not only a film but also a political game. It focuses Islam with …

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Olympic games- why this discrimination?

The Olympic Games are considered to be the world’s foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating.  It is a big event for the athletes worldwide which occur every four years. Many athletes practice hardly day by day for performing in Olympic stage. They dream for an achievement, a title and want to enlighten …

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Rohingya refugees- who should care?

The Muslims of Rakhaine state of Myanmar are considered as Rohingya who are the most silently tortured nation. Their history and rights are so unfocused that they are unknown to their own homeland. Recently in a question about Rohingya, democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi said-‘Rohingya? Who are they’? From this statement we are now …

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