Article Competition

                    Article Competition is searching creative, informative and practical based English articles of some experienced, expert, skilled as well as new writers. Among them, 10 writers will be awarded.  Taka 1500 is for the 1st three, 1000 for the next three and 500 for 7th to 10th each. All the winners will be given the chance to write regularly in our website and then they will be given a handsome payment based on article’s length and information. Similarly, all the writings of the writers will be edited (if necessary) with proper consultation and then the writings will be published gradually in our website. Surely, it is a great chance for all the writers especially for the new ones. So, if you think you are skilled and expert enough in English and you have much creativity, you are highly encouraged to participate and compete here. Don’t miss the chance.

Length of the article: Each article should be written at least within 2500 words or more. (All type of images can be included if needed)

Rules and regulations:

Each writing has to be new, creative and informative

No chance to make any copy or paste from any website or Google

Writing should be natural and constructive

Only bookish knowledge is not allowed and

Soft copy is granted

Topics of the Article:

  1. Bangladeshi Food
  2. Bangladeshi Culture
  3. Bangladeshi Dress and Manner
  4. Bangladeshi Fruits
  5. The Sundarbans Mangrove Forest
  6. The Saint Martin’s Island
  7. The Inani Sea Beach
  8. Jaflong
  9. Kuakata Sea Beach
  10. Ahsan Manzil
  11. Kaptai Lake
  12. Nijum Dhip
  13. Srimangol
  14. Bangabandhu Safari Park
  15. Sonargaon
  16. Sajek Valley
  17. Star Mosque
  18. Lawachara National Park
  19. Rangamati
  20. Lalbagh Port
  21. Ratargule
  22. Char Bijoy
  23. Birishiri
  24. Madhabkundo Waterfall
  25. Mohastanghar

(Any participant can write highest 3 articles) 

Last Date of Submission: 31st March, 2018

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