Application for Repairing Damaged Roads

Application for repairing damaged roads.

21 August 2014

The Chairman

Khilbarirteck Union Council

Vatara, Dhaka.

Subject: Application for repairing damaged roads.

Dear Sir,

With due respect we like to draw your kind attention that we are the inhabitants of Khilbarirteck under Vatara thana in Dhaka district. There are three roads in our locality by which we communicate with Dhaka city. But it is a matter of great regret that all these three roads are damaged badly. No cars and vehicles as well as non- engine vehicles can run on the road. The roads are very busy. Most of the people of this area are service holders. They cannot go to their workplaces in time; students cannot go to their educational institutions timely. Very often accidents take places for the holes and invalid carpeting on the road. So we feel badly in need of repairing all the three roads immediately.

We, therefore, request you to take immediate steps to repair the roads so that we can make our communication smooth.

Yours Faithfully


On behalf of the people of Khilbarirteck

Vatara, Dhaka.

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